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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Why is it that every time I feel like writing I always feel like I am mixing about five different ideas from books I have read? It always stops me from writing. I don't want to copy anyone's ideas. I want my own original idea. *sigh* I guess I'll start working on my memoir then. lol. That is my life so I can write about it and it will be original. lol. I have wanted to start that for a few years now. I think I even started a timeline once. But I don't have it anymore. (That's a good idea. A timeline. It'll be a quick reference to key points in my life, where they happened, key people involved. Yep. I'm gonna start working on that timeline today.) And I know my life so far is pretty average so it's not going to be the most interesting memoir. But I want to write it. And if anything, hopefully, my children and grandchildren find it interesting.

It's probably about the only thing I can concentrate on today. I am so tired today. I hate it. I ache all over and I just want to sleep until the middle of next week.

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