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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shopping and TV

This morning I had fun dreams while my body was trying to wake up. lol.

Steven started school this week so he has been home in the mornings before his class. Today he just had a study group that didn't meet because there is nothing to discuss. So instead of that he went shopping and we, Mom, Brian and I, came too. It was okay until near the end. I got bored.

We got home from shopping around 3:30pm and we watched the last few episodes of 'White Collar' Season One. It's due back to the library tomorrow. I tried to renew it but it wouldn't let me. So we had to watch all three episodes today. But we have watched that many (or more) at one time so it's all good.

I also watched a couple of episodes of 'Stargate SG-1'. There was one part I was very intrigued with but that just me being girly. lol.

My hollow book is almost done. I was thinking about it today but I didn't work on it. I'll finish it tomorrow.

And now that it is almost 11pm I should go to bed. I have been trying to go to bed earlier. And walking in the morning (on MWT) helps ensure that because I have to get up earlier. I can't sleep in or I'll feel bad that I made Lauren wait.

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