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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello, hello.

How is everyone doing? Good? Good.

Today I went on a walk with Lauren, like we do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Afterward I had a strawberry fruit bar, sort like a popsicle, because it sounded really good. And it was really good. While I ate that I checked out Facebook and my email. Then I got ready for the day. It was a fun morning.

This afternoon was slow and boring. I looked for jobs, hopped around random websites (finding this, this, and this) and watched Stargate SG-1. I'm on season two right now. I think tomorrow I am going to "go back in Stargate time" and watch the Stargate movie. I really should have started with that. I was actually going to watch it before I started the tv series but I forgot. But I remembered today so that should be fun. It'll be odd having different actors play the characters but that's okay. I really like the actors who play Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson. Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks are very good looking men. And they are great actors. Actually the whole SG-1 team are great actors. There is Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), and Teal'c (Christopher Judge). And yeah. Now I want to go watch a few more episodes. It's really good.

But first ... the rest of my day ...

This evening, around 8pm, my ward (and stake) was playing softball. I went to cheer the team on. I took Satine with me because I had been holding her for about an hour prior to that. I got her out to rub in some oil-stuff to help her shed her body. And I just continued to hold her. lol. It was interesting having her at the game. Because some people wanted to hold her and some people freaked out just seeing her. It was funny. I guess people don't see other people walk around with live snakes wrapped around their wrist that often. lol.

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