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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fabric Center Block of the Month

Mom and I are taking a second block of the month class. This one is more "normal". The ward one is the simple. This class is with the local quilt shop, Fabric Center. The blocks are being designed by one of the ladies who kind of owns the shop. She did have a quilt made up. They used whatever fabrics they had that weren't selling so it's not the prettiest thing in the world but it get's the idea across.

I haven't started on any of the blocks because it took me a little bit to get the fabrics and then I got distracted by other projects. I think I have all the blocks designed and colored so I really have no excuse other then lack of time at this point in the game. So let's start off by showing you my fabrics.

The fabric I choose for this BOM is from "Emma's Garden" by Patty Sloniger for Micheal Miller Fabrics. It is gorgeous fabric! I always liked the reds since I discovered this line. So I played around and thought about which fabrics to use. This what I came up with.

For the focus fabric, which is the main fabric in the center there, and the backing I chose this awesome, big, bold, print. It is way more awesome in person and I absolutely LOVE it. I am also fussy cutting some out for the individual blocks if I feel like the block lets me.

Originally I was going to include this next fabric in the blocks too. After many discussions with Mom and her making one of her blocks using the background fabric in it we both decided not to include the background fabric in the blocks. It will let the blocks themselves pop and not blend into the quilt. It is also a gorgeous bold, but subtle, fabric. I think it works great as a neutral for this quilt.

The next fabrics don't go anywhere in particular. I got enough to go in the blocks as I see fit.


I also didn't like the on-point blocks. It makes this quilt look huge and I feel like there is a lot of dead space. So I have been reworking some math around. I still haven't figured it out completely but I can worry about that at the end when we are putting it together.

That's it for now. I'm really going to make an effort to catch up and sew sew sew.

And I'll post "real life" pictures of the fabrics later as well.