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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Changes to [Behind] the Blog

Blogger has a new dashboard and behind the blog/scene interface. I have to get used to the new layout now. And writing my Saturday posts are gonna take a little bit of thinking for the next few times. I have the next month or so all ready so hopefully by the time I start writing more I'll really have the hang of this. But when I'm just writing a new post I think it's fine. The buttons and things are a lot simpler. I like them. And I like how the post options (labels, schedule, etc) are to the right now. They are much easier to find and use. Before you had to scroll to the bottom of the post. I like this set up a lot more. It is much more user friendly, I think. I also like that when you preview the posts it previews directly in your blog as it will look. I can see if my formatting is right before I even publish anything. With the old one if I wasn't sure I just had to post it then edit it. And when you look at the list of posts in edit it's a lot nicer now too. Overall, I love this new interface a lot.

PS. AND when you post it the time automatically changes to when you post it not when you start writing the post. I LOVE IT!! I would have to go back and change the time on the older interface. I LOVE this new feature the most I think.

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