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Monday, August 29, 2011

Babysitting and my Evening

I watched baby Joshua today. I got to their, aka my friend Laura's, apartment at 7am. Joshua was awake at that point. At about 8:30pm he finished his breakfast. I was holding him and he fell asleep in my arms. It was adorable. That was at 9:30am.

I watched 'Ramona and Beezus' today too. (While Josh was asleep.) I remember reading this book a long, long time ago. It was cute. The movie was really cute too.

At 10:30am Joshua was still sleeping so I got some breakfast. As I was looking for some cereal I found pancake mix so I made a couple pancakes to eat. They were yummy. I used a little pan and the second pancake took up the whole thing. It was awesome! :)

At 11:30am I checked on Joshua again. He was still sleeping and so out of it. I asked Laura if I should wake him up. She said just let him sleep for as long as he wants. So I watched tv while I ate my breakfast.

Then I was going to watch 'Stargate SG-1' but I decided while I have two hands free I might play on their Xbox for a bit. They only have three or four Xbox games and none of them looked like my cup of tea at all. (I mean really. Can you see me getting into 'Call of Duty' or 'Halo'. Actually I think I have played 'Halo' before and it wasn't bad. I did enjoy 'Battlefield: Bad Company' more then those games. But I never really liked the shooter games because you have to use one joystick to aim and the other to look around. I've never been good at that. lol.) But, in the end, I noticed that they have 'Hexic' on their Xbox so I abandoned any thought of playing a shooter game and played that instead. I love that game. I played the survival mode for a long time. It was fun. I love puzzle games.

Joshua woke up around 2pm. He gets cuddly when he first wakes up. So I held him. I fed him a bottle and we walked outside. Then played with his toys for a while.

Dylan and Laura both got home around 4pm. Joshua also went to sleep again around that time. I was still playing Hexic on and off all day.

After Dylan did his homework we decided to figure out if we could hook the Nintendo Game Cube to the tv. We were missing a cable. But we found the ones we needed for the Nintendo 64. So we played 'Bomberman' for a few minutes. Then I decided I should go home.

I made it home in time for some dinner and to head off to FHE. It was a stake one tonight. They had a concert type thing. I was very tired so I debated going in the first place. But I decided I need to see my friends and socialize. (Plus it's good practice for when I get a job again and I'll be working all day.) It was odd because I saw two of my cousins there. We see Corby all the time at stake activities but Becca is always elsewhere in life. But she was home today and came to the party. It was fun to see her. Steven and Brian got hung up afterward and I was very tired so Ammon gave me a ride home. Because he is nice like that. (Thanks.)

And now I'm writing and proofreading and adding the links to this post. (It's one of those ones that I have been writing all day as things happen. I do that a lot. lol.) And my tension/tired headache is starting to kick in so I guess I'll go to bed now.

Overall, I had a great day today. :)

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