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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Plans of Days Past and Future

Friday was pretty typical. But I did go over to Laura's house and hang out again. That was fun. We are planning on doing that more often.

Yesterday was really fun. And tiring. Dad wanted to go boating early in the morning so that the lake would be smoother, less choppy. So we got up around 6am and left around 6:30am. We got to Deer Creek a little after 7am. Chad came with us but he had to leave around 8am. The boys said it was really nice skiing/boarding on smooth water. I even got out on the knee board. It was my first time doing that. I like sitting in the boat or maybe going out on the tube. But I've never skied or boarded before. It was fun. My legs got tired though. And I think I bruised my knee on that. lol. I've got all kinds of little bruises on my legs now. I guess I'll plan on wearing a long skirt to church today.

Laura has asked that I watch Joshua on Monday and Tuesday. So I'll be getting up early again for the next couple of days. But that'll be fun.

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