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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Things and Josh

This morning Steven found out about a gaming thing that was going on today (and yesterday) for free. So we went to check it out. Nerdapalooza was interesting. It was more like a LAN party with some people. If you wanted to play the games you had to bring your own PC. We just went to watch. But most (if not all) of the tournaments were over with when we got there. We wanted to go and see the last of the Starcraft II tournament. But I also think, if we knew about it sooner, the Brawl and Magic The Gathering ones would have been fun to watch and/or participate in. I'm pretty good at Brawl. It would have been fun to play with other people. But then again they are all probably better then I am. But I would have had fun trying to float away and suck them up at the same time. I like playing with Kirby. They were also playing Portal II. It made me want to play the game. I have actually never played Portal but I have watched Steven play it. It looks fun. And it's puzzley. I like puzzles.

Every Saturday Classical 89 plays an opera live. And today they did Rigoletto. I wanted to listen to when I heard about it last week. I like listening to the good operas. :) Anyways, I got my MP3 player and listened to that for the couple of hours it took. It's got great music. I think I enjoyed listening to Carmen (which was played a while ago) the most so far. Carmen has AWESOME music. Too bad I don't know Italian/French/whatever language they do the opera in. It's a good thing the hosts give a little overview of the opera before each act. It helps me not feel so lost. lol.

As mentioned yesterday, I got 'White Collar' season one from the library today. Steven and Brian started watching it with me. I have seen some of these episodes but I didn't know they were from the very first season. They're good. I like that Mozzie is helping Neal but Peter doesn't get to meet him yet. That'll be an interesting episode. :)

Josh Groban is doing a concert here in Salt Lake tonight. The concert starts soon actually. I really hope that he has an awesome time and everyone has fun at the concert. I'll have to live through all of them because obviously I'm not there or I wouldn't be typing this now. I am listening to 'Illuminations' right now though. I'm having my own mini-concert in between watching tv and getting dinner. Also I'm getting that JG Saturday Song post up. ...

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