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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snakes in my TV?

Today I didn't get to a lot of things I wanted to get done. But that's okay most of it was busy work anyway. I folded the rest of my laundry and straightened up my room. I listened to Josh Groban while I did that, starting with 'Chess'. I can't believe he'll be here next weekend. It doesn't really seem like that long ago since I saw him in London. But it was nine months ago. I am glad he is having fun on his tour. We missed Josh during his four year hiatus. lol.

We watched the second Lord Of The Rings tonight. Remember we have the extended editions. So this one was three hours and twenty minutes long. It has some great scenes that aren't in the theatrical versions. I really like the scenes that are in the extended versions. One of the scenes in the second movie shows Boromir and Faramir and their father. It helps you to understand why the two sons did what they did. They just want what is best for their people and to please their father. Boromir is a good person he is just misguided. I really love the scenes in the end of the third movie. The House of Healing is one of my favorite scenes in the whole trilogy. And if you only see the theatrical versions you would not know what I talking about.

Today I noticed that Satine's eyes are blue-ish grey. So she might be a pain tonight because she is ready to shed. But her body wasn't milky so I have a feeling she isn't going to shed tonight. But within the next day or two she'll shed and I'll have a soft, happy snake again. :) It's odd to see her eyes like that because they are normally dark. She can't really see. It's funny, but sad at the same time. I put a book on top the tank just in case she rubs up there she won't make they lid come off. Anyways, when I put it on top she coiled her head quickly underneath her body. I scared her. It made me laugh. But I was sorry I scared her.

Tomorrow Ammon and I are going to see the newest 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie. What's the subtitle of it? Oh yeah. On Stranger Tides. I have heard that this movie is really good. Better then the other ones. I'm excited to go and see it.

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