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Monday, November 10, 2014

This Blog Lost Momentum

I haven't been over here for a long time.

I think using some other social media took away my thoughts to write a blog post.

Well I'm back. So let's keep you updated.


Instagram. I'm still taking photos for a daily prompted photo challenge. Sometimes I'm better then other times but I'm getting good at seeing things differently. This month I started a second challenge with book related prompts. It's been a lot of fun.

I've bought a few more quilt patterns. I'm excited to make them all eventually. I bought a new binder to keep all of my patterns in. I have a lot of patterns now. I made a table of contents for the front.

I'm still slowly working on my Aviatrix Medallion quilt. I have one main border and two small neutral borders to complete. Also I still have to figure out how I want to do the center block. But the borders I have made, the blocks are so pretty. I'm really excited to see the quilt all put together. I should start looking at backing fabric.

Work is work. The football season is winding down. We have two more games. We have had a pretty good season. Right now we are 6-3. Basketball is starting. Next week we are hosting high school football. Those are always busy days.

Reading. My goal for this year was to read 40 books. I got busy and didn't read for a few weeks. So as of right now I've only read 20. According to Goodreads I'm 14 books behind schedule. lol. But I went to the library the other day and checked out eight novels. A few of those are the first in a series. But I couldn't decide what to read right then so I got them all.