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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thoughts on the Past Month

Warning: This is a long post. :)

Okay. So I have not gotten on my blog for a long time. But I have sort of a good reason. I didn't add my gmail email as an admin until today so it was a pain to login to my other google account just to post on the blog. But I did change them all over so now I don't have to worry about it. Technically I can sign in now using either account. lol.

Work has been going great. The football renewals have been going on and the first week or so was really busy but now it's just steady and sort of busy. I like it. It helps that I worked football games last year but this is still completely new to me. Until we have our first football game I'm still in my first year working here at the U of U ticket office. lol.

I have been reading a lot of books in the past couple of months. I read The Hunger Games series (by Suzanne Collins) in a week. I really liked them. I think I'll have to add them to my library. And after that I read the Glass series by Maria V. Snyder. Actually I'm still reading the third and last book but I expect to be done with that soon. lol. I really like those. Let's see... Before The Hunger Games I read a couple of other Maria V. Snyder books. She wrote a science fiction duo that are really good. (Inside Out and Outside In) I have to figure out what I am going to read next. Maybe I'll just pull a random one from my book list and borrow it from the library.

My brother and his wife had their second child a couple of weeks ago. The first baby girl of the Next generation Higgins'. lol. Laura Amber Higgins is so cute.

Ooh! I did renew my membership to Friends Of Josh Groban (FOJG). It's actually a fun story. Since I don't have my own, I was planning on borrowing a credit card and paying the person back in cash after I got paid. But the night before I was going to do this a Grobanite posted on Twitter that she had an extra membership paid for that she was willing to gift to someone who wanted it. I was the first person to respond. lol. She let me have the membership with no strings attached. She just wanted me to pay it forward and do something nice for someone else. I promised I would. I was so happy that I could use the membership. We weren't sure how it worked with "current" members but it was actually very simple and straight forward. I am still not on FOJG as often as I'd like to. In fact I haven't been on the boards for a couple of weeks. But it's all my fault for not taking the time to spend a few minutes chatting with my friends. I have been so tired the last few weeks. But I'm attempting to change that. lol.

I hung out with my friend, Laura, last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I was at her apartment watching tv shows and playing with her kids until 2am. It was lots of fun. She mentioned that her one-year-old Joshua really likes me. I really don't know why. She said Dylan, her ten-year-old, really likes me too. I think I'm just too nice. lol. I do really like kids and her kids are so fun and easy to get along with. I love being around them. Little Josh smiles a whole lot and laughs and plays with me. It's cute. Laura said they are drawn to this happy aura I have. Or something along those lines. lol. I think I just really want children of my own. lol. Holding Baby Laura and hanging out with my friend Laura has re-instilled the want for children. *sigh* Eventually, I will have kids. I just need a husband first. lol.

Last Friday after I got off work I spent the afternoon at the new City Creek Center. It's the new complex that is in Downtown Salt Lake City. It is a mall and has apartments and offices and a gym and even a grocery store. It's awesome. I loved walking around and seeing it all. Mostly City Creek Center is a mall. I stopped into Desert Book, H&M, and Claire's. I wanted to stop into a few other stores but they were so crowded with people that I decided the deals and opening weekend giveaways weren't quite worth it. lol. But soon I want to go again and go into Tiffany's and the Disney Store and a few other places. I also didn't take the time to watch the fountain show while I was there Friday. But I did see part of it on the news the day before. It not only has music and water for the show it has fire! How cool is that!? I'll have to video tape it and show you when I go next.

When I was at the mall I bought a new and spacious purse from H&M. I really like it. I also got a ring watch from Claire's. I have been wanting one for a while. I don't like wearing wrist watches and I got tired of pulling out my phone to check the time. I've had it for a little less then a week and I love it. I wear it on my left hand middle finger. The ring is a darker silver color. I like it.

Plans for summer are becoming fun. I have a family vacation in May/June and then a wedding to attend in late June. Then my ward is going on their super activity the first weekend in August. I am really excited for them all. I have been trying to save my money for the wedding trip. I am driving to CO with my brother and possibly one of his friends. But I need to clamp down on the purse strings so I know I'll have enough money for gas and such when it's time to go.

Laura Amber Higgins

My niece was born a couple of weeks ago. She is adorable. Laura Amber Higgins was born on March 8th at 4:09am. She weighed 9lbs 2ozs and was 21 1/2 inches long. She has dark hair and chubby cheeks. Laura is so cute!

Here are a few photos I took the day she was born.

Cayden loves giving Laura kisses and hugging her. He is such a good big brother.

Look at Laura's chubby cheeks. So cute.

Cayden looking at Laura. He kissed her shortly after this photo. lol.

Grandma Higgins (Mom) with Baby Laura

Grandpa Higgins (Dad) with Baby Laura