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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jar of Hearts [Almost]

Yesterday not much happened at all so I didn't feel the need to write about it. I did watch a couple of episodes of 'Stargate SG-1' and the newest episode of 'Torchwood'. But that was probably the biggest thing I did all day yesterday. Well, that and look for a job but I do that everyday.

Today, after going on a walk with Lauren, I was very tired. So I took a short nap and then got ready for the day. That nap was so nice. My blankets were soft and I slept for about an hour and a half. (Maybe two.) I blame the lightning last night for keeping me from falling asleep. I woke up for some reason and I could not really go back to sleep quickly. Every few minutes I would either get a flash of purple light coming in my window or a loud boom that startles my brain from it's almost asleep state. As much as I LOVE lightning and thunder it was quite annoying last night when all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.

I did my laundry today, since for some reason it never got done on Monday. I completely forgot about it until the day was gone and I didn't have time to do it anymore. I couldn't do it yesterday because that is Mom's laundry day. And she takes all day. But yeah. Mine got done today. I even folded it all and put it away. Sometimes that doesn't get done for a while. lol. It's the curse of putting it in my bedroom. When I was in my apartment I would leave it in the front room and that way I would see it and remember to fold. And I did fold it while I watched tv or something. Sometimes I would fold it in the middle of the night when I was watching tennis. When it's in my room I don't see therefore I don't feel the need to fold it because I'm the only person that really goes in there.

I painted some lids today as well. But you really don't care about random lids, do you? Well, tough. I care. And it's my blog. lol. I recycle jars and use them for other things. And to make them more uniform I paint the lids white. That way the look smart and you can't tell the bottle was a pickle jar or a sauce jar. I really like using those Nalley pickle jars that are really big. It's fun to have such a large jar to put things in. (Although getting the jar, mostly the lid, to not smell like pickles takes a while. lol.) I like that the pickle jars and the sauce jars are the same height. But I do have some smaller jars too. One of them is perfect for my bobby pins and hair ties. It fits in the bathroom cabinet nicely too.

I finalized some Saturday Songs posts and scheduled them. I need to write a few more tomorrow. That way I have a good head start on them all. I have to look at my list of songs that I wanted to write about and pick a few of them.

Tonight, after dinner, I watched last night's 'White Collar' episode. This season is really, really good. It's sexy and intense. And you have no idea if Neal is going to get away with billions of dollars worth of artwork. I'll have to get the other seasons and see if they are all this good. This season is the first one I have really watched. :) It's a great show. The two leads (Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay) are phenomenal actors. They are gorgeous and work well together.

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