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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Current Reads

I finished reading The Series Of Unfortunate Events the other day. I thought the series was great. It was entertaining and made me laugh.

Monday I started reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I'm only about 50 pages into it. It takes some getting used to after the easy reads I've had. I need to get used to the way the characters speak and how Dickens writes.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That's Unfortunate

Last week I was bored and so I pulled a book off the bookshelf and started reading it. I started reading "The Series of Unfortunate Events" on May 28th. There are 13 books total. As of today I'm halfway through book 9. These books are very funny and I love them. The first couple of books got somewhat monotonous with their plot. But when it got to book 5 the plot started changing which is nice. I am really into these books. They are really quick reads for me. The first few books I was able to read in a day. These last ones are taking me two, maybe three, days to read because they are longer. I love that the author, Lemony Snicket (real name: Daniel Handler), goes on tangents and says random things. At one point he was talking about Déjà Vu at the very beginning of the chapter. And you turn the page and it has the exact same thing on the next page except for the very last line. But same heading and picture and everything. It made me laugh out loud!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

I went and saw 'Star Trek Into Darkness' for the second time this afternoon. It's just as good the second as the first. I cried more than once because I knew what was going to happen. Plus I know the story from Spock Prime's alternate reality that this movie is based off of. I didn't remember it before.

'Into Darkness' is great. I love LOVE the cast! Everyone is so great in their roles. A lot of the cast look and act very much like the "original" counterparts. I'm rewatching the Original Series and I'm loving it! I see the mannerisms that the new cast keep from the original character portrayals.


I got distracted by all the Star Trek photos I was looking at. And none of them convey what I wanted so I guess this post doesn't get a photo. :)


Suffice it to say that the reboot of Star Trek is something I love! If they make more movies I hope that they continue to make the original series' concepts seem right at home.


Look a photo ...

"Doctor, you're not from that universe. Stop quoting Spock."

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Wedding That Took Over My Life

So I realized that I never wrote about Eric and Carly's wedding.

They were married on Saturday, the 18th of May. The weather was nice and sunny for us. It was really rainy the day before and it did sprinkle a bit after the temple photos were taken that morning. But the rest of the day it was nice.

My dress was gorgeous and I loved it. It was a little hectic getting it made that quickly before the wedding. The original dresses weren't the right color and only one came on time. The other dresses were not even shipped yet. We decided to scrap that idea and demand full refunds on those dresses. But that meant that the bridesmaid dresses were not going to match. But it turned out fine. I thought we all looked great

Krysta (me), Caitlyn, Carly, Krissy, Kary, and Jannalee

I love our bouquets. And Carly's bouquet is really pretty too.

Due to the stress of everything, the wedding itself, and other minor factors I was exhausted the day of the wedding. To be honest my introvert self was done with everything. I would have been perfectly happy to just sleep and say congrats when Eric and Carly got home from their honeymoon. But that didn't happen. I watched Cayden and Laura while everyone was in the temple for the sealing that morning. Then I went and took pictures with everyone at the temple after that. That took a couple of hours. I was able to take a thirty minute nap while I should have been eating lunch. Then we headed over to my aunt's house where the reception was taking place. And I had to be cheerful and talk to other people for another three hours. After that when we got home the family stayed up talking to Eric's best man and our friend until midnight or thereabout. It was a very long day. But I did enjoy some of it.

Because I was so tired I slept a lot the following week. Sunday I barely went to church because I was sleeping and did not feel like getting ready and being with people. But I went anyways for sacrament meeting. But then I came home and slept until dinnertime. I still slept fine that night. In fact I slept all day on Monday. I woke up at 4pm. And I still went to sleep fine at bedtime.

I've been occasionally taking naps still. And it's been two weeks already. I think I'm still recuperating from all of it. I still find myself feeling people-claustrophobic. And I'm pretty sure it's because I never got anytime for myself for a while.

Even though there were a few thing different I do hope that the wedding was what Eric and Carly were hoping for. I wish them all the best in their life together.