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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last night I pulled Satine out and held her for a bit. I was getting concerned because she should have started to shed (ie. got rid of the digested mice) sooner then yesterday. I checked her. She is fine. She did have a bit of a respiratory problem but I checked her this morning and that red vein isn't so red in her mouth. So I'm hoping that cleared up. But I must have helped Satine with her bowel movements by holding her last night. She left the biggest poop I have ever seen in the tank. lol. Seriously, I was wondering how it came out of her. And she started to peel off her outer layer overnight too. She got it off her head but not her body. She was never an overall milky color so I figured that would happen. This morning when I was cleaning out her cage I put Satine around my neck/shoulders so that I could have two hands to get stuff out of the tank. She was cold. lol. And she snuggled close to my neck. aka: She constricted and tried to take in the warmth. lol. It felt really weird because she still has dead skin/shedding on her stomach and it felt weird when she was moving around. And then when I was ready to put her back in the clean tank she wouldn't uncurl from my neck. She really wanted to stay there. lol. I'll have to measure her tomorrow or something. It'd be interesting to know how big she is now. She's about two and half or three years old. I'd have to figure that out too. lol.

Here are a couple of photos taken a few minutes ago of Satine. She's curled up because she's a little cold. And she's resting. You can see some of the dead skin sticking up in the first photo.

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