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Monday, August 1, 2011


Last night the internet wasn't working when I wanted it too. Oh well. It works today and that's all the really matters. (It's mush easy to look for jobs from the comfort of my own home and not the library.)

This morning's walk was nice. The weather was perfect for it. Cloudy and overcast and few misty rain drops. At 10:30am when I got home it was about 70°F (21°C) but it didn't feel that hot at all because of the cloud cover.

I was looking at my blog reader and specifically at a sewing one that I really like. She had pictures of her blocks that she is doing for a summer sampler quilt along. And after I look at them more I kind of want to do that quilt. There are many different techniques in the sample quilt, including paper piecing a few of them. And since I have a paper piece quilt that all around harder then these blocks I think I'll do this quilt before that quilt. :) Someday I'll have money for fabric. Then I can sew some of these quilt ideas.

Tonight for FHE we went swimming and hung out with the whole stake. I wasn't really planning on swimming because, to be honest, I'm not that comfortable in water. I can't touch the ground most of the time because I'm only just over 5 feet. And I always feel like my heart is going to pound out of my my body near the end of hanging out in a pool. But I brought my swim suit just in case. I found Lauren and Ammon so I decided I'll be okay in the pool. I had fun. We just swam/walked around and talked most of the time. It seems like there weren't a lot of people there but at the same time there was. They had popsicles for the food. Which was kind of lame. When they say food I think hot dogs and chips not dessert and soda pop. (Mmm. Soda. Great. Now I want one. Maybe I'll get one after I shower.)

Tomorrow Mom and I need to go return some bundles of shingles. And then I don't really have anything planned. I need to fold my laundry and I should clean my room. But that's about it. Maybe I'll see if I can focus on a play tomorrow.

Right now. I'm going to go rinse off this pool water smell and then get a soda. Maybe make some popcorn and watch a short-ish movie. It is 10 o'clock, after all.

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