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Monday, August 8, 2011

Slow Day

Today I didn't do much. I looked for jobs and took a really long nap. I didn't do my laundry because I was debating to do the one load or not. I only have half the week of clothes because last week I did my washing on Wednesday instead of Monday. Perhaps I'll sneak this one load in before Mom gets up and starts doing her laundry. Because it really should get done tonight or early tomorrow.

Tonight we watched the first disk of the third Lord Of The Rings. It was still over two hours. We decided that the extended edition stops at a really good point in the middle. And it's a good movie length so we split it into two parts. The disk has to change right before the Battle of Pelennor Fields gets really started. It is a good spot to have an intermission in this really long movie. I can't wait until next time because some of my favorite scenes are on the last disk. Lots of Aragon. lol.

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