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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thoughts on Pain and Stuff

I thought I had a few more days before this crap took a hold of me. Headaches are not my friend. Chocolate and sleep is. At least it is a blessing in disguise. I won't feel like crap when we're at Bear Lake this weekend. I can enjoy playing in the water and perhaps knee boarding again.

Today I slept a lot which was in direct correlation with the a fore mentioned topic. I have headache all day. I took some ibuprofen a couple of hours ago. I think I'll take some more before bed.

Last week Mom tripped and hurt her knee. It has been hurting her still so she went to the doctor to have it checked out. They didn't think it was broken but she might have torn a ligament. She got a shot of Cortisone and an x-ray. So she'll know in a day of two if she tore her knee. Hopefully the drugs kick in and she gets better. I know it hurts her. She doesn't walk up and down stairs with out wincing a little. Mom bruises super easily and I'm hoping it just a really weird bruise and it'll get better with the Cortisone. Mom and Dad don't need any more problems then they already have. And I love my Mom and I don't want her in more pain.

I watched a couple of episodes of 'Stargate' tonight. I liked them. They were good.

My brothers and I have also been watching 'Firefly'. It's really funny and good. It is making me really want to watch 'Castle' because Nathan Fillion is the lead character in both shows. And I just think he such a cute guy. He is funny, good looking, and a great actor.

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