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Friday, August 5, 2011

Movies and Sugar

This morning Lauren and I changed our walk to 9:30am, instead of 9am, so that we could drop by the library around 10am, when it opened. And I awoke to the doorbell at 10am. I feel really bad that I slept in and we weren't able to go this morning. At least Lauren got in a little walk coming to my house to see what was going on with me. She texted me but I was so out of it then. I even woke up at 8am when my alarm went off. I should have tried and stayed up. But I was so tired. I just snoozed my alarm and rolled over and went back to sleep. ... Lauren, if you're reading this, I really am very, very sorry. It's all my fault for not going to bed when the movie was over last night. Well, that and a certain something else. But yeah. All my fault. So sorry.

So on that note I was up at 10am but didn't start the day (shower, breakfast) until closer to 11am. I was checking email and Facebook while I fully awoke more. But then I got more ready for the day.

Ammon came to get me for the movie around 12:30pm. I thought that 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' was very good. I still really like the first one but this fourth one was better then the second and third one. It was funny and had a good plot. It was great. I really liked the hints of romance in it. I am always in favor of a good Johnny Depp kiss scene. lol. I think he is great.

After the movie I looked for jobs. And then took a nap. I'm not feeling too hott today. But I know why. So that's nice. But really all I want is sleep, chocolate, and my life to sort itself out. I'm so done with this monotonous crap I get everyday. (And that would be the not so hott part of me talking but it is true.)

I think I am going to start writing, or at least outlining, an idea I have had for a very long time. I have the itch to write. lol. This should be interesting.

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AmmonBarton A.K.A. Cheaf said...

You cant end it there, Come On I want to know what the twitch is all about. Please Please tell me.