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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meh Sunday

Today was good. Church was good. My little brother, Brain, got ordained an Elder in church today. He goes through the temple for his endowments on Wednesday. I don't have my endowments so I cannot participate in that. I get to stay home and watch the toddler. But that'll be fun.

I didn't do anymore work on that book like I wanted to today. I will tomorrow. I also have several ideas on what to use the cut out pages for. I'll see if that idea works after I finish the hollow book.

I did get to watch four episodes of 'White Collar' (one whole disc) tonight. That was nice. Now we just have three more episodes and the first season will be done. Which reminds me, I haven't watched any of the current season for a few weeks. Ditto on 'Torchwood'. I guess I'll be watching some tv shows tomorrow as well.

Right now this makeup is starting to make me sleepy. So I'm going to go take it off and then go to sleep.

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