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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cayden and stuff

Today was okay. I looked for jobs and watched 'Stargate.' Also, Lauren and I moved our walks to half an hour earlier. So I got up at about 8:15am. It was nice walking at that time because it wasn't as hot.

Tonight I babysat my nephew, Cayden, few a couple of hours. We watched 'Cars' because he love "Queen" (Lightning McQueen) and cars in general. Half way through he got bored or something, he stopped paying attention to the movie so we went on a walk. And then when we came inside we watched the rest of the movie. I should mention that Cayden is two years old so he has a somewhat short attention span sometimes. But he is a cutie. After the movie we played outside for a bit. Cayden wanted to feed the horses apples because someone (*cough* Grandpa/Dad *cough*) showed him that a little while ago. Cayden just thinks it's the most awesome thing in the world to feed the horses. The problem tonight was that the horses who roam around in the back weren't there. Cayden kept asking about the "Neighs" so after we played with the ball we grabbed a couple of fallen whole apples and went around to our neighbor's backyard. They have two horses. We, I, threw the apples, one at a time, over the fence and we watched the horses eat the apples. After that we came back to the yard and played with my yoga ball outside. Cayden likes that ball. It's giant and bouncy. (It's not really meant to be outside. But I figure a two year old kicking it around on grass for a few minutes won't hurt it. The ball does need to be filled with air. But that too can wait since it's not really in use. Anyways ...) After Cayden and I were outside we came inside and I was running out of ideas. I knew that everyone should be home in a few minutes I just had to distract him for a little bit longer. So I pulled out our bucket of toy cars. He loved that. Then people came home and we had ice cream. Overall, I had fun watching Cayden. But it is a lot of work trying to keep a toddler interested and not asking where his mother is every five minutes. Seriously, he was sort of clingy. But he didn't through a fit or anything. He just kept asking. And I would answer. lol.

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