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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Three posts in four hours? ... Yep. That's me. ...

I was invited to watch a movie with some friends tonight. We watched 'Serenity'. It is a movie that ties together with a tv show called 'Firefly' but I'm told they can stand apart from each other. I just loved that Nathan Fillion was the lead character. I love him in 'Castle'! He is charming and fun at the same time. (I can't wait until the third season starts. They left us with a huge cliffhanger.)

Also I wanted to mention that I like this blog. I let myself be spontaneous and have lots of posts if the mood strikes me. I never really let myself do that with any of my other blogs. Maybe that's why I got bored of them. Hopefully, this will be my main blog for a long time.

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