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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Typical Sunday

Today being Sunday not much happens. I go to church and have family dinner in the dining room. It's just a day spent with family, for the most part. We (Mom, Dad, Brian, and I) played Canasta Caliente (more info) tonight. It was fun. Brian and I were partners and we started slow but the last couple of rounds we got a lot of points and Mom and Dad got a lot of negative points. That was cool. lol.

Tomorrow there is no FHE because of the (Utah) holiday. (When Pioneer Day falls on a Sunday we get Monday as a holiday.) So a group of our friends are going to watch the first Lord Of The Rings movie. We (mostly I) asked people to bring something dessert-wise. So we'll have lots of different foods there. It's gonna be fun. We have the extended versions of the LOTR on DVD. They are so much cooler then the theatrical version. There are a lot of scenes that I loved from the books that are not in the "original" versions that are in these. (Mostly in the third movie but a few in the other two as well.) Tomorrow we are only watch The Fellowship Of The Ring. I hope that we watch two (The Two Towers) and three (The Return Of The King) sooner then later. Because this is a trilogy that I like to watch close together. Usually I like to marathon them all together. But people have work tomorrow so it's not really a good option tomorrow. But it would have been fun if we could. I have done it several times before. Sometimes with just my brothers but other times with my friends (or their friends). (All three extended version have a run time of about 11 hours. That includes credits.) They are good movies. I should add them to my personal collection someday. :)

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