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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello Again

So yes, this is my second "personal" blog on blogger. But when I left for Squarespace that was fairly cheap and I still really like the user-friendly html flexibly. But the price has gone up a lot and since I don't have any income at the moment it is kind of hard to scrape up enough to keep up with that blog. I kind of missed writing my random thoughts or sharing projects or photos.

So here I am. :)

Let's recap all my blogs shall we.

I have two (now three) personal blogs that just run off each other. I think I need to import them both to here. Or something. That would be nice. Anyways ...

Blog Number One: Fast Times Now ... My first blog or Online Journal. First one that was public at least. I did have an online journal on FOJG (Friends Of Josh Groban) before I started blogging.

Blog Number Two: Krysta Higgins Photography ... (which is offline but I'll get it up and over here someday. lol.) ... My second blog. I was hoping to start taking more photos but that didn't quite work out. I switched because I started to get bored with Blogger's layouts and formats. (But now they have a lot more to do with blogger blogs.) So I went over to a Squarespace blog.

Blog Number Three: Scrumptious Sunset ... my Food/Recipe blog. I like to collect recipes that look good and that I want to try someday.

Blog Number Four: My Book blog ... I started keeping track of what books I read a few years ago and I decided that I would create it's own little blog site. I also have a master list of books I would like to read (or reread) on the site as well.

Blog Number Five: Groban Lyrics ... This site really is for my own amusement. It has all of (or most of) Josh Groban's lyrics including translations of the foreign language songs into English.

Those are my "main" blogs although I do have one more that is in progress ...

Blog Number Six: Two Pence o' Potter ... This is (or will be) a blog for a fun thing when I reread the books. I want to have a character list, a list of spells, books, and anything else I find I want to keep track of.

I also have a Flickr account which I have been adding photos to. It's fun. :)

More random stuff to come ...

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