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Friday, July 15, 2011

Plans for an Afternoon

Today not much is happening. I slept for nine hours but because of the movie this morning I woke up around 1pm. lol. But it was worth it. That movie was so good. I think later today I'll finally sort through my Facebook friends and get rid of some of them. And I should finish (yes, finish) cleaning my room too. I have my hanging clothes to hang up still. And I haven't typed my old journal in a while. I'll have to remember where I put that. Also I should back those up on the SD card. I haven't done that for a while too. Something that I don't want to do that should be done is cleaning the bathrooms. Maybe I'll do that first to get it out of the way. Later this evening Mom and Dad will probably be wanting help with yard work and the like. We're having a BBQ here tomorrow with lots of people that Mom and Dad work with in church. It's our Annual Summer BBQ.

But first I need food. :)

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