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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Busy Work Day (Mostly)

This morning I helped Dad put some more shingles on the roof. We just have the two strips that go all the way up the house (one now) and the back dormers by the kitchen to shingle. And then the roof is all done. It's also really grippy now so it's not a huge dangerous endeavor walking on the roof now. The old ones were so far gone the was no rocky tread stuff. lol.

Today I also went mini-golfing with Ammon. It was fun. We decided to go at 10:30am so that it's not super hot or really crowded. Afterward we went to Iceberg and got shakes. I got a peanut butter shake and Ammon got a black raspberry shake. Mine was really good. (It still is good. lol.)

We (Ammon and I) decided to start watching Stargate SG-1 so we watched a couple of episodes of that. It's pretty good. It reminds me of Star Trek sometimes. (Not that I ever watched a lot of Star Trek. lol.)

Dad decided to clean the fish tank today and I was helping with it. We completely cleaned it out. Now there is no slime at the bottom and the pH and everything is balanced and good. We also decided to finally get new decorations. We got a sand castle and a new rock and some new plants.

We watched a movie tonight. (Like most Fridays we watch a movie.) We watched Rango tonight. I thought it was cute. Johnny Depp did a wonderful job voicing the chameleon.

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