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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spelling M-I-C-E

I had so much fun doing the Starburst tutorial it got me thinking of others I could do. I could teach you how I fold my paper cranes. Or how I fold a box. Or both. But I'll be doing more tutorials as I think of them or do projects because it was fun.

Lately, I have been spelling because with the a and u switched and it's annoying. It happens all the time. Thank goodness the red squiggly line let's me know it's wrong. lol.

I fed Satine tonight. Ammon and I went to the Dollar Store and Target to look at some things and we were bored. While I was out I decided my baby needs some mice. So our last stop was Petco. I got two mice and Ammon was kind enough to chip in a couple of bucks so I could get two. :) Then we came back home and fed her. She always seems to be so happy after I feed her. Maybe it's all in my head. lol. But Satine does act happy. I know her personality and it's a cute one. :)

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