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Monday, July 18, 2011

Today is a Lazy Housework Day

I went on a walk with Lauren this morning. It was okay. But I didn't sleep very well last night so getting out of bed and being awake was some what difficult. Even when I got home I was sleepy. But then I took a shower and a felt better, more awake.

Monday I am going to make laundry day. Because Mom does hers on Tuesdays. And now Brian does his on Saturdays. I used to do it Friday or Saturday. But I think Monday will be good if I just start it so it gets done before dinner. (So as not to interfere with FHE that night.) ... Anyways, I did my laundry today. I even folded them and put them away. It helps to have a clean room so I can do that. It helps my mind keep everything in line. (lol. Did that make any sense? It does to me but I can't put it in a sentence very well.)

I have been watching 'White Collar' online because I don't have the USA Network on tv. But the website sucks and they don't put up the episodes the day after they air. It's really annoying. Right now there should be six episodes and there are only three. At least I can watch them on fan websites. lol. I watched two of the three I have been missing today. I'll watch the last one really late tonight or tomorrow. I like this show. It's fun. I really need to watch the first two seasons though. I only watched them every once in while and not all in order. But season three I am watching in order. I really like Neal's character. Matt Bomer does a great job playing a charming conman. And Tim DeKay plays a great FBI agent as Neil's handler. Both the actors are brilliant. That's why I love the show so much.

While I watched 'White Collar' I decided to paint my nails. Now they are a lovely teal color. I was thinking I might gradient on some pink or a lighter green. (For example.) But for now they are teal.

For the past while now a group of friends and I have been watching Star Wars. Jenn has never seen them and we thought it would be fun to watch them. But for some reason they started with Four, Five, and Six. (I would have started with One and went forward in Star Wars chronological order. But whatever, it's still fun.) Tonight we watched 'Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode III)'. It's the last one. I really like this one. Anakin gets to be evil and wear black more. I like his hair too. It's curly like Josh's. lol. And Anakin (Hayden Christensen) and Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) get to fight each other at the end. And for some reason I find that really hott. lol. (And, yeah. You really needed to know that random tidbit about me. lol.) I also really like the music for episode three. You get the best of every theme in the saga. It's awesome!

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