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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today = Laziness

Not much has happened today. I slept in really late today. When I was eating lunch/breakfast I was watching tv and there was a National Geographic Magazine's Top 10 Photos Of 2010 show. It was very interesting to see the stories behind some of the photos of the past year. And it also got the photographer inside of me excited to photograph. To bad there is nothing around that is photo worthy. I was going to watch Torchwood too, today, but the website I get them from doesn't have a good one yet so I have to wait a bit longer before I can watch the third episode. I really need to read some Shakespeare plays next week. I am running behind on the schedule. I also, finally, need to go through my computer and change some things. (ie. Facebook, passcodes, email addresses, etc.) But, yeah, today was totally a lazy day. I'm actually still in my PJs. That's how boring and lazy I was. lol.

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