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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lake Day

You know when you go to an amusement park for a day and when you get home at night you still feel like you are going up and down on roller coasters? lol. That's how I feel right now only I'm going all over the place because the boat in my head is rocking.

Today was our family reunion fun day at the lake. We went up to Deer Creek Lake and used a day use area. We (my family) brought our boat. And the Campbell's brought their boat. And Uncle Trent brought his two skidoo things. (I think they called the wave runners.) I am pretty sure everyone had a lot of fun. I brought my camera but I didn't take any photos or videos. I was having fun playing in the water the whole day.

I didn't go skiing or anything. I never do. But I like to go (slow) on the tube things that we have. The first time (today) we put my nephew, Cayden, he is two, in the tube and I was hanging on behind while we brought the boat out away from shore, but when we were still in the no wake zone. Then we put Cayden in the boat and I did that one by myself until they flipped me. They were nice for a bit and then I guess the passengers got bored. They told Dad to make me go over a big wave. lol. And the other time I got on the jumbo hot dog tube with Caleb (for one ride), and Chad and Steven, and Mom (for two, after Caleb got off), and little Bridger. Caleb enjoyed it for a bit but I think when us bigger kids were on it and the boat was going faster and he didn't like it so much. He didn't cry or anything he just didn't want to stay on. But Bridger loved being out there. We were doing crazy things so it was still "tame" but for a six or seven year old I was impressed. (I am pretty sure that's how old Caleb and Bridger are. Somewhere around that age.) He even stayed out there longer then Mom and I. He would have stayed out there all day if we didn't make him get off so he could go eat lunch and warm up. (He was shivering. The water was more cold than warm.) We did get dumped while we were on that tube too. But every time Bridger was always ready to get right back on. It was great. lol.

In between those two boat rides I played near the shoreline with Lydia (5) and Emmy (also probably 5) for about an hour, I'm guessing. I don't know how long we were playing with the other tube/flotation fun things. I was having fun and I was entertaining the little ones. I'm sure their parent's thought that was great. lol. (You're welcome.)

I tried to stay sunscreened up but I didn't do a perfect job. The top of my thighs are sort of burnt. (Okay, a lot burned. They are the ones that hurt the most. Yes, I put Aloe Vera on them so it's not bad now.) I also got mildly burned on my chest/neck and the fronts of my shoulders. I kept sunscreen on my back pretty good. I'm only sort of pink on my back and face.

My hair is a mess right now. It's all wind-whipped and lake water styled. It's crazy. lol. I have to slowly brush it out in small sections. lol. And then when all the knots and tangles are out I brush through it all a few more times. lol.

Oh, and my arms are so sore right now. Actually, all of me is sore right now. I was doing all sorts of things today and I'm sure some bruises will show up tomorrow. I also somehow hurt my thumb. I don't know how though. It looks like when I accidentally gouge myself with a fingernail. lol. Because of the lake water and just where it is it stings right now. Not as much as when it didn't have a bandaid on but it still hurts.

I am so sore. Hopefully I can relax my muscles enough to let me go to sleep quickly.

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