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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prep Work

Today I slept until 1pm. I guess I needed sleep. Because I feel fine now.

Since tomorrow my family are going to the lake for the day Mom and I did some prep work today. We made the two salads we are bringing for lunch and dinner and gathered a bunch of supplies. That way it's all gathered, we just have to throw it in the boat and head to the lake early tomorrow morning. It gonna be fun to see all of my extended family there. It's sort a family reunion of sorts even though we all live here in Utah. (Well, all but one of my cousin's families.)

Mom and I have also been watching a show called 'Combat Hospital'. It's okay. I guess. Truthfully, if Mom wasn't watching I could care less about this show. But as it is, we have been watching it every Tuesday when it's on tv. But last week because of Harry Potter we didn't watch it. So we watched it online today. It makes me long for the fall seasons to start because I know that my shows will be good and I can rely on the content being good. Speaking of good shows, I still have one more episode of 'White Collar' to watch before I'm caught up with that show. That's fun.

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