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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today Thus Far ...

Well after 11 hours of sleep I feel great! I just have a slight headache from being horizontal for that long. lol.

I would like to straighten my hair today and style in a cool ponytail that I have been wanting to try. I know that Mom likes to go to the grocery store on Thursdays so I should get in the shower really quick and then my hair can dry while we're at the store. And then when I get back I'll throw some Josh Groban in the CD player and get to work wielding a flat iron. lol.

Tonight (Friday morning if you want to get technical) we are going to be watching the final Harry Potter movie. There have been a few times when we first meet some characters that I have almost shed a tear because I know what happens to them. So I know I need to stock up on tissues for tonight. (I wonder where I put those. I think I know but I'll have to look.) I am going to be crying a lot tonight. I cried during the book. So if I can cry at words on a page I am positive that seeing them on screen with emotional music playing in the background ... Yeah, it's gonna be awful. lol. I hope that this last movie is good at portraying all that needs to be in the movie. I have a friend who has already seen the last one (he is in Europe and got to go to an early release of the movie) and he says that it was really good! It's making me more excited to see it.

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