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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time and Starbursts

Today was the first time in a week that I have been walking in the mornings. Lauren went on vacation and I didn't walk while she was gone. It'll be nice to be able to going walking in the mornings again. I like walking and talking with her. And it also forces me out of bed earlier. :)

After I looked and applied for lots of jobs, I finished putting together the Starburst tutorial. It was fun. One of the small chains at the end of the post I put in my time capsule jar. It's a fun little reminder of something I did this year.

Have I told you about my time capsule jar? I don't think anyone knows about it. lol. It's a small-ish jar that I put small trinkets in throughout the year. I found the idea about two or three months ago and thought it was a fun idea. Right now I don't have much in it. And I have a feeling there won't be much in them but ticket stubs. lol. Apparently, I go and see lots of movies throughout any given year. I haven't taken a self-portrait yet but that is going to be there too. I want to write the year all fancy and cool on my small whiteboard and have that in the photo. (I saw this today and it reminded me I still need a self-portrait photo. Because that's sort of what I had in mind. Only I'm 22 years older then that little guy so I won't look as adorable if I decide to gnaw on the board. lol. The whole post that the photo is from is adorable. Note: time capsule idea not from here.)

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