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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Papering the Town (and Aragorn)

I slept in today. I should have gotten up earlier but I didn't go to bed until 3am. It's totally my fault. I'll try better tonight. (But we are watching LOTR so it'll be around midnight or one.)

This afternoon Dad and I drove around and stopped at a few places that we thought would be good to apply to. Some of them I have to apply online, but now I know. And others I have potential interviews at. (I go back to Red Robin to interview with the manager, Joe, on Thursday.) They are all retail/food places and I don't really want to work in that environment but I am not finding anything else. And I know that it will help me be more secure in talking with strangers if I get any of these positions. Right now I am not really comfortable talking with strangers. I never have been. But I have been trying to be more outgoing in that regard and maybe this is the push I need. And like Dad always says once you get a job it's easier to find a better one. I have several other places that I want to apply for. So I need to look them up and apply online or print an application or just walk in. I'll do some of that tomorrow.

Today (in between doing laundry) I made some peanut butter cookies for the movie tonight. I LOVE them. I am always happy making them. :) I doubled the recipe today. So I have 24 instead of a dozen.

And (as mentioned several times in this post alone, not to mention yesterday rambling) tonight about seven of us watched the first Lord of the Rings movie. We have the extended versions so this one was about three and a half hours long. These versions are so good!!

And now I'm falling asleep and it is just after 00:30. (Um, sorry. That would be 12:30am to us regular USA folk.) So I'm going to go put on some PJs and work on a Sudoku puzzle. (I do that every night. It helps my mind focus and calm down from the day. Yes, I know. It is odd.)

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