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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Day (More Like Yesterday's Tomorrow)

For the past couple of nights a few friends of mine (Ammon, Joseph, Lauren, and Kimberlee) have been watching the Harry Potter movies. We are having a marathon leading up to the last film on Friday. It's been fun. But because we are ending later then normal (like 1am) I am really tired today. I normally wouldn't mind at all (and I still don't) but I am trying to have a normal sleep/day schedule. I also have been going for a walks every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Lauren, at 9am. So I have to get up early. But that is also not a problem. It forces me to get up and do stuff earlier in the day. Tonight we are planning on watching 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' (HP Four) and 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' (HP Five). It's really interesting watching all the movies in a row. I have been watching the background and other characters. Some things I see are hilarious. lol. And since I know about Professor Severus Snape it's really interesting watching him. I love Alan Rickman anyways, so I could watch him all the time. Ooh, I did find out yesterday (while we were watching 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets') that Professor Gilderoy Lockhart is played by Kenneth Branagh. Truly, he is a versatile actor. lol. He is in a ton Shakespeare plays. He is awesome! He plays a perfect Lockhart. :)

Today (and the past couple of days) I have been slowly cleaning my room. (ie. putting all my shoes back in the closet, washing and folding laundry) I feel like this room is so small! There is no space to put all my stuff. It'll be nice to move back into my own place again (someday). I will have room for everything and to spread out. I feel so cramped in that bedroom. Also I find random bruises on my thighs and shins. I really think they are from that bed. It's not my normal, comfy, queen-sized bed. (I really miss my bed.) This bed is really tall due to the fact that it has storage and drawers underneath it. That is all fine and dandy but I have one slight problem. My legs are not long enough to reach the floor. Therefore, I find big bruises on my legs from when I hit the side of the bed during the night and when I practically have to fall out of bed in the morning to get to the floor. Sometimes it really annoys me. Bruises are ugly. At least most of the time they are not on my shins that way I know I can cover them up easily.

I wanted to try out a bracelet idea I found on the Internet. But I didn't have any old t-shirt I want to cut up and so I used some old flannel that have. But the whole idea didn't work anyway. But I still made a bangle-type bracelet anyway. I braided the pieces together and put a snap fastener on the ends. It raggedy and I like it. A lot. It a little bit bigger then I would normally make bracelets but I'm okay with that. I can even wear it on my ankle and it's the perfect size for and anklet. But right now it's a fabric bangle on my wrist. I just tied a loose knot on the top side and it makes it that much shorter to fit my wrist perfectly. Yay! Someday I'll get some jersey and try out the original idea. Or it could also be fun with just some cord/rope. Hmm ... I'll have to make a trip to the dollar store someday.

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