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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sores and Scores

I woke up at 2am and 6am last night. Both times was because my legs were burning from having the covers directly on top of them. But when I didn't have anything over them I would get cold. *ugh* Sunburns are annoying. At 6am I was also scratching a finger which I thought was just dry. But then the more I scratched it the more I thought that it might be a bite. So I stopped. (Tried to at least.) And sure enough I looked this morning and I have one mosquito bite on the top of my finger on my left hand. (At least it's my left hand. I don't use that much so it should be less irritated from me using my hand. Although when typing it does get used and it is starting to itch.) And I am really sore today. I took a couple of Advil about an hour ago. And it dulled the pain a bit but I am still really sore.

Yesterday Brian also got his white envelope from our church (aka: Mormons or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). Yep, he got his mission call last night. But he is at school and so he hasn't opened it yet. I think the plan is to go and visit him tonight and see his apartment/room and then go eat dinner at Chad and Amber's house. Brian will open it there with everyone. I have no guesses of where he is going but I can tell you I am going to miss him. I love my little brother. He always is happy and excited to hear about my random project ideas and facts that I know no one else will care about. And he is nice to me. He also gives me hugs and let's me hug him because I'm cold. (He is always, always really warm.) He also knows how to wake me up without even touching me. lol. He'll come in my room and say "Krysta, you need to wake up." And then I'll grunt. Then he turns on Josh Groban. But not really loud that it annoys me but not soft enough that I just drift back to sleep with that lovely voice in my head. Loud enough for Kiwi to say "Hey, that's my man." And then she'll smile. Yep, Josh music. Wakes me up every time. And now everyone knows the secret. lol. (PS. Kiwi is the name of my alter-ego who is the Grobanite side of me.)

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