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Monday, July 18, 2011

RAW ...

... Random Acts of Weirdness ... also known as the random things I found on the internet today that made me smile.

Go here and it will be fun. :) (Indulging in geekiness is always fun.)

How about a funny line in Harry Potter 7.2? lol.

Nearly all of the fan-girl bullet points that are here I agree with. Some of them I laughed so hard at. A few of my favorites:
  • Here. (guilty) because of a few wonderful actors. at the moment it's his fault.
  • Here. I would go anywhere with him.
  • Here. I totally did. It really helps when I want to change something minor on blogger. lol.
  • Here. (guilty again) I have even scored tickets to pre-showings of movies a couple of times.
  • Here. I am part of the Potter Generation. :)
  • Here. and Here. I love Doctor Who. To bad hardly anyone here knows about it. Although ComicCon (another geeky thing on the list) has had some wonderful DW panels and it always brings the Whovians out of the woodwork. :)
  • Here. Totally true. Can't be a SciFi fan without seeing the start of it all. :)
  • Here. and Here. There is a reason why Barnes and Noble is my favorite store in the world.

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