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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It Was An Outside Day

This morning we finished re-shingling the roof for the most part. Now just the small strips on the back of the house need to be done. And Dad is going to do those himself. It's not really a two, or three, person job.

After that we went to the dump to empty out the tree branches that were in the big trailer. Dad is taking it to Girl's Camp and that wanted to be able to load it today.

The two mosquito bites on my arm have been hurting me today. Last night, in my sleep, I scratched my elbow but I knew not to scratch the upper arm one. It was weird. I remember thinking not to scratch it. But I was still asleep. It's so odd that I do that. Of course, today they are both swollen. But I've been good today. I haven't touched them at all today. So they aren't any worse but they are not any better either. I hope I don't scratch them tonight. My arm is swollen as is. I hate being allergic to mosquito bites.

Today we also had our (my parent's) Annual Summer BBQ. They invite people that they work with in the ward. We started it in Colorado as a Pioneer Day BBQ to celebrate it, I guess. But it's a Utah holiday so it's not quite the same but it still is. Anyways, lots of families come and it's lots of fun. We always ask them to bring their own meat (for their family) and a salad to share with everyone. We provide the plates (etc), condiments, drinks, two BBQ grills, and S'mores for dessert. We make a fire in the fire pit and all the kids like that. We set up the volleyball net and people play that. This time we have our rock wall in our RV garage too. We set up the ping pong table in there as well. And we always have our trampoline set up. Yeah, lots of activities and visiting. It's always a fun BBQ. I always try to be extra helpful and happy because I know it's a lot of work for my parent's. Mom gets stressed easily so I just try to help her remember what she needs and help her set up. I know it helps her not panic so much. This year it kind of snuck up on us so we weren't as prepared as normal in advance. But everything got done and it's cool.

Last night I didn't get very much sleep at all. Say about three hours. lol. So this afternoon, after I asked Dad if he needed anymore help outside (he did not) and before Mom got home from work, I took a nap. I was nice. It was about two hours long. lol. When I was waking up I heard Brian talking on the phone and then a minute later he turned on his CD player (which I have been "borrowing"; it's still in his room, I just put my CDs in it; he doesn't mind) and attempted to sing along to Josh Groban. He doesn't know the words so it was pretty funny. But for the most part he did let Josh sing. It made me smile. It's always lovely to wake up with Josh Groban. :)

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