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Sunday, September 11, 2011

US Open Super Saturday (and Friday)

Yesterday I went and saw 'Captain America' with Ammon. That's a good movie. I liked Nick Fury at the end. I'm looking forward to 'The Avengers' movie next year. We went to Arby's afterward and that was really tasty. I had a Mtn. Dew to drink and it was really, really tasty.

After Ammon dropped me off at home I started to watch yesterday's tennis matches. During the second match (Nadal's) the player stopped working on me. And because it was the end of the broadcast day I couldn't open it rewind like I normally could if it was still going. It was frustrating. After that we just watched random stuff on YouTube. It was great.

* * * * *

Today I was planning on watching the Men's semi-final matches. I woke up a little late so I was expecting the first match, between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, to be well under way. But it was raining and they had a delay. So I actually got to watch the matches live today. That was fun. The second semi was between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.

How about a play-by-play of sorts ... my commentary while I watched the matches ...

Roger Federer's day match outfit.
The first match started an hour late because of that slight rain delay. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were in full form and playing wonderfully. In the beginning both men were even. 1-1, 2-2, 3-2, Roger's favor. Lots of aces and one-two punches. Not a lot of long rallies. It was very interesting. I was rooting for Roger, because I always root for him, but the crowd didn't quite know who they were fully supporting yet. So it was very quiet in the crowd in the beginning. (Random comment, I thought Roger looked wonderful in his red shirt. The other matches I have seen him play in he wore grey. I liked him in red. He looks great. But a lot of his tennis matches he wears dark colors. Except for Wimbledon when they all wear mostly white. But yeah. Anyways ...) 27 mins into the match and they are still even. 4-4. The server has gotten the point so far in the match. Interesting. 35 mins, still even, 5-5. At 42 mins it's 6-6 so they go to a tiebreak. Tiebreak went 7-6 in Roger's at 55 mins. So Roger Federer gets the first set. So into the second set we go. 1 hr 9 mins Roger breaks Novak and gets his point. lol. Making the second set 2-1 in Roger's favor. He serves next. And Roger holds his own. 3-1 at the 1 hr 15 mins. (Ooh, someone fainted in the crowd. Sty hydrated, people. Stop distracting my match. And play on ...) 1 hr 20 mins 3-2, Roger's favor. 1 hr 25 mins, Novak breaks Roger's serve to make the score 3-3. They are even again. lol.  1 hr 29 mins, 4-3, Roger's favor, with Roger to serve. And he gets it. 5-3, Roger. 1 hr 37, 5-4, Roger's favor, Roger to serve. If he gets this point he gets the second set. And Roger does it. 1 hr 41 mins, 6-4, Roger gets the second set. Alright, Roger. One more set and you're in the finals. Novak serves first. 1-0, Novak. 1hr 54 mins, 2-0, Novak's favor. Now new balls with Novak to serve. 1 hr 57min, 3-0, Novak's doing good in this set. And a little bit later at 2 hrs 7 mins, Novak is still the set victor, 4-1. At 2 hrs 10 mins 4-2, Novak's favor. Roger is coming back in the set. But Novak still winning in the set, 2 hrs 13 mins, 5-2. Now 5-3, still Novak's favor. And at 2 hrs 23 mins, Novak takes the third set, 6-3. So we go to four sets. At 2 hrs 34 mins it's 2-1, Novak's favor. Novak to serve. Roger is not doing well. He isn't moving out on the court. Is it just hot and he is conserving energy? Come on, Roger, get in the set. Finish it. Don't go to five sets. Although that would be entertaining for tennis. At 2 hrs 40 mins, 4-1, still Novak's favor. 2 hrs 44 mins, 5-1, Novak. Come on, Roger. He needs some adrenalin rush or something. Gah! Roger! He's tired. The heat and that first set are getting to him. Something is. He has errors galore and he is moving like himself. 2 hrs 50 mins, 5-2, Novak's favor. I'd almost just say, Roger give him the set and win the last set. But at the same time that's too much of a risk for Roger. So stick it out and try and get the fourth set? Or concede it and win the fifth set? Either way that man needs energy. (lol. The commentators agree with me. Concede the fourth. Win the fifth. Go, Roger!) And at 2 hrs 57 mins Novak takes the fourth set, 6-3. So into the last and fifth set this match goes. It's some really good tennis going on here. But if Roger doesn't dig deep and find some energy he isn't going to make it. There was a flicker of some at the end of that set so maybe he found some. 3 hrs 1 min, 1-0, Roger's favor. That's good. Now the fans are really supporting this match as a whole but I think they want to see Roger win. 3 hrs 6 mins, 1-1. 2-2. It's like the first set again. Roger, Novak, Roger, Novak. lol. But both player's with less energy. 3 hrs 18 mins, 3-2, Roger's favor. Novak's serve to come. 3 hrs 24 mins 3-3. 3 hrs 25 mins, 4-3, Roger. Novak to serve. It's just like the first set. There is the Roger I know. Go Roger! Serving for the match, Roger. *bite nails* This is intense. Match points lost for Roger. 3 hrs 36 mins, 5-4, Roger. So we play on. Novak to serve next. 3 hrs 41 mins, 5-5. Gah! This is crazy. Come on, Roger! No! 3 hrs 46 mins, 6-5, Novak. With Novak to serve. If Roger gets this point it will force a tiebreak. If Novak gets the point he wins the match. Come on, Roger! *sends him happy thoughts* NO!!!! I wanted ROGER TO WIN NOT YOU!! Gahh!! *sigh* So at 3 hours and 51 minutes, five sets, Novak Djokovic wins the match. Novak Djokovic def. Roger Federer, 6-7, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5. That was a crazy match to watch! Take a look at the stats ...

Sunset during the Nadal/Murray match. So pretty.

And now we get to watch the second semi-final of the day. Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. I am of course rooting for my second favorite player, Rafa. He is the favorite to win this match so we'll see if Andy gives him any contest in this match. Alrighty. Let's get this show started. Andy serving first. 3 mins, Andy gets it, 1-0. 8 mins, 1-1. 17 mins, 2-1, Andy's favor. But already he, Andy, is getting frustrated with the way he is playing. And I agree with the commentators that that is the reason he isn't in the top three. Roger, Rafa, and Novak are so calm and collected when they play that they when matches with it. Among other things. But, yeah, Andy Murray's emotions during the game get the better of him some of the time. Anyways ... 22 mins, 2-2. 25 mins, 3-2, Andy's favor. Rafa to serve next. 36 mins, 3-3. Andy still being vocal and feisty with his emotions. Wow. Okay, calm down, Andy. Rafa just needs to keep calm and let Andy implode on himself and he, Rafa, has got this whole game wrapped up nicely. lol. (I shouldn't laugh but I do.) Andy does play good tennis but he needs to keep his head. 41 mins, 4-3, Rafa. Andy is still talking to himself in the change-over. Calm down.You're making me nervous. On the flip-side ... Go Rafa. Gets this guy out quickly. Please. And Rafa serves. 46 mins, 5-3, Rafa. Andy to serve. Again, commentators talking about Andy's emotions. And I had a thought... That's why I don't like watching him play. He gets angry easily. I am not a fan. I LOVE the calmness that Roger and Rafa bring to their games. At 49 mins, 5-4, Rafa. And Rafa to serve for the set. Go, Rafa. 55 mins, 6-4, Rafa gets the first set. On to the second set we go. Andy serving. He still talking and being frustrated with his playing. 1 hr 3 mins, 1-0, Andy. I love how Rafa is so calm out there. Man of no negative emotions ever. He is at the ready and set to play while Andy fumes on the other side of the court. Rafa is calm, he has a strategy and he can win this. And easily if Andy stays angry at his own game. 1 hr 13 mins, 1-1. Andy is very frustrated still. Andy to serve. (Wow. They just showed shots of the sunset there in NY and it is gorgeous.) 1 hr 17 mins, 2-1, Andy's favor. That was a great shot for the win from Andy. Hopefully that will help him calm down. Rafa serve now. And Andy still talking and being frustrated. Dude! Stop it! It's annoying. (Wow. More sunset shots.) 1 hrs 22 mins, 2-2, Rafa wins it with his first ace. Beautiful. Now Andy serving. Andy's game really falls apart when he is angry. His head isn't in the game. I have seen it in the past and I see it now. I know he can play better then this. (Yes, exactly! I agree with the commentator. Andy's frustration fits are childish. And it is sucking the life out of the audience. It's really hard to support a guy who is down on his game and himself.) 1 hrs 27 mins, 3-2, Rafa. Rafa to serve. 1 hrs 32 mins, 4-2, Rafa. Now Andy to serve. Rafa is playing some great shots in this match. Andy really needs some positive support, from his box, from the fans. He is not going to make it if he doesn't get his head in the game. I mean, Andy is playing okay tennis but Rafa is playing better. Rafa just made another great shot. 1 hr 40 mins, 5-2, Rafa. Rafa serving for the second set. And with a few aces Rafa gets the second set, 6-2, 1 hr 44 mins. So we go to the third set. Hopefully, this is the last set and Rafa can just take it quickly. I am really tired of watching Andy Murray implode on himself. Negative energy galore around that guy. I can only imagine the tension in the stadium right now. Murray to start serve in the third set. Hey, look at that. Andy got it. 1 hr 48 mins, 1-0, Andy. Now Rafa serves. Rafa made a great shot. Then Andy made a wonderful shot to win the point. 1 hr 54 mins, 2-0, Andy. Andy serves. Hmm ... Now Andy is playing good tennis. Not great but good. The rallies are getting longer. 1 hr 59 min 2-1, Rafa. And Rafa will be serving. Rafa is just the better player right now. 2 hrs 7 mins, 2-2. (... And here I take a giant pause from watching the game so I can make dinner and then go to a wedding reception. ... and I'm back ...) So in 2 hrs 11 min, we're in the third set, 3-2 Andy's favor at the moment. Rafa to serve. Some great points here. Really great rallies. 2 hrs 17 mins 3-3. 2 hrs 21 mins, 4-3, Andy. Rafa to serve. So Andy may still have frustration issues but he is playing some amazing shots. I think that is helping him get in this match. You know, I speak too soon. lol. Something happens every time I think Andy is okay and then he yells at himself. 2 hrs 27 mins, 5-3, Andy. Now his fans are getting behind him. Whatever. Come on, Rafa. Ooh, set point for Andy. And Rafa starts talking to himself. Positive things I'm sure. lol. Rafa is great. He saved two set points. But couldn't win in the end. Andy takes the third set in 2 hrs 33 mins, 6-3. So we go into a fourth set. Rafa serving first. Ooh. Some awesome shots from Rafa. A couple of aces. A beautiful drop shot was in there. 2 hrs 39 mins, 1-0, Rafa. Andy serves. Andy is really playing great now. He's completely different. Great shots. 2 hrs 42 mins, 1-1. Rafa to serve. Ooh, nice hustle, Rafa. And Andy comes up to bring it to deuce from 40-love in favor of Rafa. But Rafa prevails. 2 hrs 52 mins, 2-1, Rafa. Now Andy to serve. Back and forth volleys. 3 deuces. Andy changes his wristbands in the middle of a point. Odd. But, 3 hrs 3 mins. 3-1, Rafa. Now Rafa to serve. And he holds his set. 3 hrs 8 mins, 4-1, Rafa. Now Andy to serve. Wow. Rafa breaking Andy's serve with some great shots. He is so pumped at some of these shots. It's adorable. But Andy comes back to deuce it. Now Andy's back is hurt. This man is falling apart. (Really. Frustration and wardrobe problems.) But Andy gets the point in the end. 3 hrs 16 mins, 4-2, Rafa. Rafa to serve. 3 hrs 20 mins, 5-2, Rafa. Now he just needs to break Andy's serve and he'll win the match. And here we go. Andy serving. Let's break it down. 15-0, Rafa. 30-0, Rafa. 40-0, Rafa. Match point right here. And Rafa does it! He is in the final match! Yay!! So 3 hours 24 minutes, four sets, Rafael Nadal wins this match. (Rafa is so adorable in his interviews. Always gracious and all smiles. I love that he gave his condolences to the families and victims of 9/11. I wonder if he will try and go to Ground Zero like he does every year while he is here. Anyways ...) Rafael Nadal def. Andy Murray, 6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 6-2. Take a look at these stats ...

More sunset. Isn't it gorgeous?
And last shot of the sunset during the Nadal/Murray match.
So pretty.

I was rooting for a Federer/Nadal final on Monday. But that didn't happen. It turned into a Djokovic/Nadal match. It should be a great final on Monday. Both Rafa and Novak are great players. Novak has won over Rafa all year long this year. But Rafa is the defending US Open Champion. So it'll be fun to see who the crowd rallies behind. I'll be rooting for Rafa too win his second US Open.

Something different about the court today, The painted 9/11/01 on the court across from the chair umpire. It wasn't there until today. I like that the US Open is paying their respects in a small, visual way to the ten year anniversary of 9/11.

Painted 9/11/01 date to the right.

Singing of the Star Spangled banner before the prime-time night match.
Also shows the 9/11/01 date to the right.

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