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Monday, September 12, 2011

US Open Men's Final

For the fourth year in a row the Men's Final of the US Open is pushed to Monday. Because of all this rain in NYC it doesn't get to end on Sunday like it should. They really need to think seriously about getting a roof there at Arthur Ashe Stadium. I would really help eliminate most of these rain delays.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are playing a repeat of last year's US Open final. Hopefully, we get the same results.
It was love again at the 2010 US Open, where 712,976 impassioned tennis fans swarmed the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center during the two weeks of tournament play to see history in the making. Spain's Rafael Nadal finally broke through at the Grand Slam event that had presented him the largest challenge of his career, capturing the men's singles title over Serbia's Novak Djokovic in four sets, 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2. At age 24, the top-seeded Nadal became the youngest player to complete the career Grand Slam in the Open Era. (Source.)
But we'll have to watch and see.

Here's another play-by-play of sorts as I watch the match ... I'm watching it online because I like the commentators and I know I won't get commercials. lol. It's is on CBS Sports if you ever want to watch the semi-finals and finals of tennis on tv. I do that for the other three Majors. But the US Open I can watch online for the whole two weeks.

Novak Djokovic, the world's current number one player, vs. Rafael Nadal, defending US Open Champion and currently number two in the world. ... I am rooting for Rafa ... Can Rafa win his first match against Novak this year? Or is Novak going to completely run away with his greatness this year? If they go to five sets it'll be the first time they have gone to five sets against each other. That would certainly make it interesting. I think it'll be four sets with Rafa winning. Novak has that foot/toe thing that could bother him. It looked to bother him a tiny but the other day. Rafa, to my knowledge, is in fit form right now. Who will win? I really don't know. I have hopes but I really don't know. If Rafa wins it'll be his second US Open. If Novak wins it'll be his frist US Open.

And so we begin ... Coin is tossed ... Rafa elects to serve first.

First set, ready, play. Some long, good rallies for the first point. The Commentators think Rafa is doing opposite of how he should be playing. Just give him a minute. Rafa thinks out there. He'll evaluate and change if he feels he needs to. A little bit of a slip there for Rafa but he gets the point. 5 mins, 1-0, Rafa holds serve. Novak to serve. I am loving these long rallies. I haven't seen much of that in the US Open that I have watched this year. Break point for Rafa. Can he get it? Yes, he can. 11 mins, 2-0, Rafa. Rafa to serve. Can he hold his own serve? So far, no. 0-40, Novak. And now Rafa is on the board. 15-40. 30-40. And Novak breaks serve. 16 mins, 2-1, Novak. Novak to serve. 0-15. 0-30. Ace for Novak. 15-30. Long rally and Rafa gets it. 15-40. Break point. And ... Novak saves. 30-40. Break point #2. And Rafa hit it out. Now it's 40-40, deuce. Shadows have reached the court now. Wow. Great stuff from Rafa. Raced to the net and got the point. Advantage Rafa. Break point #3. Deuce #2, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. And deuce #4, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Some great tennis going on right here. And Novak holds his serve. 28 mins, 2-2. Now Rafa to serve. 15-0. 15-15. 15-30. Must be windy down on the court. You can hear it in the mics. Maybe that's why the wobbly tennis. Ooh, Novak challenges the call. Called out. And it was in. 30-30. Shadows are at mid court. And it's windy. Woah! That was an awesome rally. Rafa gets it. 40-30. Can Rafa hold serve right here? Nope. Deuce, 40-40. Come on, Rafa.  Advantage for Novak. Break point. And Novak forces Rafa off court and then slams that ball to the other side. So he breaks Rafa's serve and gets the point. 36 mins, 3-2, Novak. Novak to serve. 15-0. And the singles court is completely engulfed in shadow now. Novak moving to the net. 30-0. Novak moving again but he hits it into the net. 30-15. 30-30. 40-30. And Rafa breaks it to deuce, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. And Rafa hits it out. 44 mins, 4-2, Novak. Rafa to serve. That was a beautiful drop shot from Novak for the point. 0-15. Woah Rafa. Approaching the umpire. Talking in Spanish arguing the call with him. Wow. Novak. Playing great. 0-40. Novak with break point chance. Nope. Rafa gets on the board. 15-40. Break point #2. Rafa saves it. 30-40. Break point #3. A nice volley and then Rafa hits it to the net. So Novak wins that. 49 mins, 5-2, Novak. And Novak will serve for the set. Can he get the first set? Or will Rafa keep it going? 15-0. 30-0. Rafa muttering to himself. That's right. Get in this match. 40-0. 53 mins, 6-2, Novak. Rafa is not thinking clearly in this match. Hopefully during this changeover he we regroup and come back with a vengeance.

Set two. Positive energy from Rafa, always running to his place from the change over. Rafa to serve first. 15-0. (Be quiet, people in the stadium. Please and thank you.) 30-0. 40-0. Novak's turn to mutter to himself. And Novak forces Rafa wide. 40-15. And then Novak hits the ball to the net. 59 mins, 1-0, Rafa. Novak to serve. Court all the way in shadow now. No more sun problems down on the court for them. Nice long rally. But Rafa gets it. 0-15. Novak had the right idea but the lob was long. 0-30. And Novak hits it out. 0-40. Can Rafa get it all? No. This is a repeat. 15-40. Rafa can still win it. Nope. That shot was long. 30-40. Break point #3. And Rafa gets it. With a "Vamos" energy too. Yes. 1 hr 6 mins, 2-0, Rafa. Rafa serves. 0-15. Oh man. That was a fun rally. 0-30. Ohs and Ahs from the crowd and me. Great rally. Lots of running and deep shots from both players. 21 shots long. 15-30. 30-30. Woah. That was close. Rafa challenging the in call. It was in but really close. 30-40. And after that long rally, Novak hots it into the net. 27 shot rally, and the longest of the match so far. Deuce, 40-40. Advantage for Rafa. Deuce #2, 40-40. Novak hits it out. Advantage for Rafa. The crowd is really into this match. Chattering everywhere. Deuce again. #3, 40-40. (Shhh! Yes, I shush the tv to shush the crowd. lol.) Advantage for Rafa. Deuce #4, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Break point #2. Ooh. nice rally. Deuce #5, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Break point #3. This game is over 11 mins long so far. Break point #4. And Novak hits it to the net. Deuce #6, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Break point #4. (Shut up, crowd!) Deuce #7, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Break point #5. Wow. Great stuff from Rafa. Deuce #8, 40-40. Over 15 mins so far for the game.  Double fault for Rafa. He challenges but it is out. Advantage for Novak. Rafa complaining about all the noise. Shut up people! Let them play! Great volley right there from both players. But Rafa hits it to the net. 1 hr 24 mins, 2-1, Rafa. Shirt change for Rafa in the changeover. Whoo hoo. ;) Now we go again. Novak serving. (Lot of chattering from the crowd. They haven't been this loud the whole tournament. Thank you, umpire. Tell them to be quiet.) 40-0, Novak so far. And he runs with it. 1 hr 29 mins, 2-2. Now Rafa serving. Long rally with Rafa making the mistake. 0-15. 0-30. 15-30. 15-40. That was just not an overall good game from Rafa. 1 hr 32 mins, 3-2, Novak. Hmm ... Rafa talking to the umpire. About what I don't know. Rafa really needs to get in this match or Novak will run away with this Open. So Novak to serve. 15-0. Nice try, Novak, but no go. 15-15. 15-30. 30-30. Rafa hit it long. 40-30. (This umpire is on this game. Time violation for each player now.) 1 hr 38 mins,  4-2, Novak. Rafa serving. 15-0. 30-0. Come on, Rafa. Stop hitting those shots into the net, Rafa. You're better then that. 30-15. 40-15. Let do this, Rafa. You need this game. Grr. Novak is too good with his deep shots. 40-30. Nice drop shot from Novak. Deuce, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Break point. And Novak hits it long. Deuce #2, 40-40. Novak hits to the net. Advantage for Rafa. Ugh! Rafa hits to the net. Deuce #3, 40-40. And Novak hits to the net. Advantage for Rafa. Stop do hitting the ball to the net. Deuce #4, 40-40. Novak to the net. Advantage for Rafa. And Rafa gets it. 1 hr 48 mins, 4-3, still Novak's set so far. These fans need to quiet down during play. I know that's the atmosphere of NY but come on, let them play tennis! Novak to serve. 0-15. 15-15. 30-15. 30-30. 40-30. Deuce, 40-40. Nice rally by Rafa. Advantage for Rafa. Break point. Nice shot by Rafa.1 hr 55 mins, 4-4. Rafa serves. Rafa challenges the out call. It is out. And he is out of challenges. Not good. 0-15. 0-30. 15-30 15-40. 1 hr 59, 5-4, Novak. He serves for the second set. And Novak hit it long and out. 0-15. Nice set up and drop shot from Novak. 15-15. Out from Rafa. 30-15. Into the net from Rafa. 40-15. And Novak takes the set. 2 hrs 4 mins 6-4.

Third set. Can Rafa come back from two sets down to win this match? Not the way he is playing right now. Novak is playing great. Another shirt change for the players. And we start the third set with Rafa serving. And Novak hits that long rally shot into the net. 15-0. Nice rally. 30-0. I do agree with the commentators, Rafa needs to figure out his first serve because right now it isn't working overall for him. 30-0, 40-0. And Rafa gets the first game of the third set. 2 9 1-0, Rafa. Novak to serve. 15-0. Ace for Novak. 30-0. Ace again. His fifth of the match. 40-0. 2 hrs 12 mins, 1-1. Rafa to serve. 15-0. Yeah, the sip is gone from Rafa. (I like these commentators. lol. I'll steal their words.) That was a fun rally. But Novak moved around Rafa. He was totally in command of that point. 15-15. 30-15. 30-30. 30-40. Rafa is not happy. You can see the tension when he walks to get his towel. 2 hrs 16 mins, 2-1, Novak. Novak serving. 15-0. (I was really hoping this would be a great match. But Novak is running away with this match. He is playing so well.) 15-15. 15-30. And Novak hits it into the net. 15-40. Novak makes ace #6. 30-40. That ball was right in the corner. Nice, Novak. 40-40. Advantage for Rafa. Yes! 2 hrs 24 mins, 2-2. Come on, Rafa. Stay in this. Rafa to serve. Nice shot, Novak. Really nice set up and placement for the win. 0-15. 15-15. 30-15. 30-30.  That was a great, long rally, 27 shots. 40-30. Rafa holding serve so far. And hit is it into the net. Stop it. Deuce, 40-40. Rafa is getting visibly frustrated. It's so unlike him. And Novak hits it into the net. Advantage for Rafa. Deuce #2, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Break point. Deuce #3 40-40. Drop shot from Novak. Run, Rafa! Nope. He can't get that. Advantage for Novak. Break point #2. That was in. Keep going. And That was out. 2 hrs 35 mins, 3-2, Novak. Novak to serve. (Wow. Great sunsets in NYC.) 0-15. 0-30. 0-40. And Rafa gets that game straight. 2 hrs 40 mins, 3-3. Rafa serving. 15-0. 30-0. 40-0. And Novak gets on the board. 40-15. And Rafa holds his serve. 2 hrs 44 mins, 4-3, Rafa. Novak's turn for an on camera shirt change. I think it's his first change of the match. Novak to serve. (Wow. Nice sunset.) 0-15. Novak challenging the out call. And he is wrong. 15-15. Oh, nice shot, Rafa. 15-30. 30-30. Ball was called in. Rafa challenging. And he is right. It was really out. 30-40. Break point for Rafa. That was a great rally! Lots of great shots. 31 shots. Longest of the match. Deuce, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Deuce #2, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. And Novak gets it. 2 hrs 56 mins, 4-4. Rafa to serve. 15-0. Oh, I thought that was an ace. But it was out. 30-0. 30-15. 40-15. Come on, hold serve, Rafa. Good. 2 hrs 59 mins, 5-4, Rafa. Novak to serve. Can he hold serve or will Rafa take this set? 0-15. 15-15. Go, go. Nice! Rafa hits an overhead for the win. 15-30. 30-30. 40-30. Nice ace, Novak. 3 hrs 5 mins, 5-5. Rafa serving. Come on Rafa. Be aggressive. Nice hustle, Rafa, but no go. 0-15. That was sweet. Nice shots from both guys. 15-15. 15-30. Nice! First ace from Rafa at 118 mph. 30-30. Good. Maybe he serves are getting faster. That will help Rafa. And that rally. Great. 30-40. Break point. And Novak gets it. 3 hrs 10 mins, 6-5, Novak. Novak will serve for the match. Will the pressure get to him right now? 0-15. (I almost want this match to be over. This match is painful for me as a fan of Rafa to watch.) 15-15. Novak challenging an out call. It was out. Second serve. Go. Go. Wow. Great rally! Rafa gets it. 15-30. And then Rafa misses it. 30-30. (This is nail biter tennis right here.) You had that Novak. What are you doing? 30-40. Break point. And Rafa gets it. Yes! We go to a tiebreak for the third set! 1-0, Rafa. 2-0, Rafa. 2-1, Rafa. 3-1, Rafa. Challenge from Rafa. And he gets it. 4-1, Rafa. 5-1, Rafa. Yes. Rafa is running with this tiebreak. His is playing awesome. 5-2, Rafa. 5-3, Rafa. Come on, Rafa. Yeah. 6-3, Rafa. Come on, Rafa. Set Point. Go. (Shh!) And Rafa gets the third set in 3 hrs 28 mins, 7-6, Rafa. And in the changeover Novak gets his lower back worked from the doctor/trainer. Is it bothering him enough to cost him the match?

Fourth set. Novak to serve. 15-0. 15-15. 15-30. 30-30. 40-30. Novak doing strecthes trying to keep that back from bothering him. Nice rally from Rafa. Deuce, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Yet he doesn't look like he is all there physically anymore. Limping and grabbing his back. And Rafa sees that. So he is going to work Novak. Deuce #2, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. And 3 hrs 39 mins, 1-0, Novak. The trainer is called from Novak. And he uses his medical time out. His back is really bothering him. Taking some pills. Getting worked from the doctor/trainer. It is a muscle strain in his lower back. One minute left of time out. 11 seconds. Time over. Go, play. Be great, Novak. Rafa to serve. 15-0. 15-15.15-30. 15-40. 30-40. Novak is not turning very much. And the ball broke Novak's raket string. Crazy. You don't see that very often, if ever. Advantage for Novak. Deuce, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. Come on, Rafa. Novak is injured and I have no idea what you are doing. Deuce #3, 40-40. Advantage for Novak. 3 hrs 52 mins, 2-0, Novak. Now can he serve with his back all jacked up? 15-0. 30-0. Stop messing up, Rafa. Ooh, nice volley and hustle from Rafa. But Novak gets it. 40-0. 40-15. And 3 hrs 55 mins, 3-0. And here is the doctor/trainer again. Is he just gonna be here at every changeover now? lol. Proof that Novak is hurting. Rafa to serve. 15-0. 30-0. 40-0. 40-15. Rafa still serving slowly for him. Where is his real serve? 4 hrs, 3-1, Novak. Novak to serve. 15-0. Now Novak is serving slow. Probably because of the strain. 30-0. 40-0. 4 hrs 2 mins, 4-1. Rafa serving. Nice return from Novak. 0-15. 0-30. 40-0. Rafa is not moving toward these returns. They both just so out of this. 4 hrs 6 mins, 5-1, Novak. So again Novak serving for the match. 15-0. 30-0. That was a nice return from Rafa. 30-15. 30-30. 40-30. Can Novak get the championship point right here? Yes he can! Novak takes the fourth set. 4 hrs 10 mins, 6-1, Novak.

So Novak Djokovic wins his first US Open to top off his awesome 2011 year. Both players exhausted and hurting in the end. So in 4 hours and 10 minutes. Novak Djokovic def. Rafael Nadal. 6-2, 6-4, 7-6, 6-1.

Novak has had an awesome year this year. He only lost two matches. That is unheard of and, like Rafa said, probably not repeatable.

And Novak gets $1.8 million for winning this US Open but he gets $2.3 million in total. I believe he gets a new Mercedes-Benz car too. And of course the trophy.

And the official stats ...

2011 US Open Men's Singles champion Novak Djokovic and finalist Rafael Nadal.
Photo by: Philip Hall/USTA

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