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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy Week

I have a busy week this week.

Yesterday I went to the hospital to drop off a volunteer form. That will be nice if I can start volunteering there. It will help fill my day with something good. I also got a hold of Mike at the University of Utah. I set up an appointment to speak with him today.

So today I went to that appointment/interview to learn more about the job that I applied for. It's a cashier position for the ticket office. He gave me the job and I figured he would. When we talked yesterday it seemed like today he just wanted to tell me everything to see if I am still interested. Which I am. The job isn't much. Part-time working events and maybe some other shifts. Also it's minimum wage for now. I'll get a raise most likely in six months. I go in tomorrow for training and Mike will schedule me in to start work next week. So I now work at the University of Utah ticket office working at the Stadium.

Tomorrow, as stated, I go to training for an hour in the afternoon. But in the morning Ammon is taking me shooting. I have never been before and I thought I'd better go at least once. We'll see if I like it. I'll make sure I get some photos.

Thursday night I am going ice skating with some friends. That will be fun. I haven't been skating in a while.

And on Friday I am possibly bringing Satine to a kindergarten class that my friend, Joe, helps with. I told Joe I could even feed her there too, if the teacher thinks the kids would like that. He still has to get back to me about it all. But that will be interesting. Apparently the kids are learning about reptiles in science. The teacher asked Joe if he knew anyone with a snake who would be willing to show-and-tell. :) So if that is a go I have to think about how I'm going to transport her to the school. I think I'll bring her whole tank and feed her in there. I don't feed her in there most of the time but it'll be fine this once.

Saturday is the Women's Conference for church and my stake is making an all day event of it. We are going to a rope course and doing stuff like that. It'll be fun. They are also serving dinner before the Conference.

Update: Joe called me around 8:30pm tonight and told me he talked with his co-teacher and the supervisor and they are both excited about it but he needs to get approval from the curriculum person. He hopes to talk to them tomorrow so I'll know more then.

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