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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tangent about Medicine

Today my throat hasn't been so sore. But it's still bad and I know why now. I have a cold. It didn't feel like a cold earlier this week. But today it does. I have a runny nose and it's running down my throat not out my nose. lol. So I have been taking lots of Sudafed to help with the nasal congestion. And I've still been drinking lots of liquids. It kind of sucks because today my ears have been plugged but it feels like it reaches from my ear down my jaw to my lymph nodes. Especially on my right side. That's the side that hurts the most. And I have been sneezing a lot today. I hurts really bad to sneeze. My whole head feels like it's going to implode and it really hurts my throat. So not cool. At about 10pm I took some night time liquid cold medicine. I thought we had the nice pills but we only had daytime pills not nighttime ones. I need night time ones tonight. So I had to drink 2 Tbs of nasty green medicine. I have never like liquid medicine. I prefer pills. I can take them with water and I don't taste anything. Easy as pie. But with liquid stuff. I have to get a glass of water ready, or even juice so it flavored, and pour the medicine out on a spoon, or into those little cups. Then I take a deep breath, drink as much medicine as I can in one gulp, usually half of it, take a drink of juice, then drink the rest of the medicine, then drink the rest of my juice. And I try to do that quickly so I don't gag or think about the medicine. They make them nasty flavors. And grape ... Oh my gosh. I'd rather be miserable without the medicine then have to even smell that flavored medicine, let alone drink it. That's the nastiest flavor cold medicines come in. I HATE grape flavored medicine. lol. Yeah. So today, not that great. I really hope that was the worst of it because I really I'm done with this whole being sick thing. And it's mid September. Who the heck gets a cold when it's an average of 75°F outside? I do I guess. lol.

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