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Monday, September 5, 2011

Bear Lake Weekend

This weekend my family headed to Bear Lake for the long weekend. It was really fun.

Friday - We headed out from our house in the afternoon. We got to the lake in the evening. If I remember right we did go out on the lake for an hour or two that evening. (But I really don't remember. lol.) My brothers and I decided to sleep outside up in the loft. It was interesting. I was sleeping on the air mattress so it wasn't uncomfortable. I just got a little cold. lol. And that night I got woken up a couple of times from Fred. He is an owl I named. Seriously, he was really loud hooting in the rafters a few dozen feet from us. And every once in a while (when I was awake) I would hear Fred get quiet and then wings winging who knows where. Then he would start hooting again. It was fun.

Saturday - That day was pretty typical at the lake. We got up at 6:30am to get on the lake early with the calm water. There was lots of boating and playing in the water that day. Then fun thing about Saturday was that we went to a pizza place in Garden City that has giant (!!!) pizzas. We went last year and wanted to go again this time too. It was just as good and giant this time. lol. On Saturday night our cousin, Caleb, joined us in the loft. (BTW, Brian named the loft Manvilla. lol. So we were calling it that all weekend.) It was kind of odd because I went to bed earlier then they did and I was pretty much totally out of it when they came up. And they were talking loud and they woke me up. I was still sort of out of it listening to my mp3 player when Brian said something about his cracker, which he was eating, having cheese in them. For some reason that was really funny to me and I started laughing. It was also this night that I actually named Fred.

Sunday - We went to church on Sunday. It was really fun because they have special schedules for the busy weekends of Bear Lake. Two sacrament meetings instead of one. It was also crazy packed when we went. I suspected that the other meetings and rooms were packed too. It was really fun. Laura Berg, another cousin, came up for the day on Sunday. She could stay or come earlier because she has school and work but it was fun to see her for a little while. I went to bed that night around 10pm that night. While I'm camping I like to drown out the noise and listen to my mp3 player. I usually put it in sleep mode so it will turn off after a certain amount of time. Apparently that didn't get set right on Sunday night because I woke up around 2am with Josh Groban singing in my ear. It was really mice to have that man singing to me but really odd because I knew that it should have turned off hours before that. lol. I turned off at that point and went quickly back to sleep. (No Fred that night. Actually Fred only came that first night.)

Monday - My brothers sort of woke me up at around 8am. But I wasn't ready to wake up yet so I turned my mp3 player and covered my head from the sunlight and sort of went back to sleep for a couple of hours. It was cloudy at the lake all day. In the distance it looked like rain. But it didn't rain at Bear Lake. We boated and skiied until the boat ran out or gas. lol. It was around 2:30pm when that happen so we were planning on leaving soon anyway. We packed up and made sure the lodge and cabins where we were staying were clean. We left at about 4pm. We had dinner at Arby's in Evanston, WY. And we got home around 7pm.

I wanted to shower since I hadn't really showered all weekend. Just swam in lake water and showered on Sunday before church. It was nice to be home with my own shampoo and lots of hot water. I felt so much better after showering. lol. Nice and clean. After I showered I checked the US Open schedule and saw that Roger Federer's match was starting soon. So I watched that. Yes, I get to watch the US Open. That is one thing I love about it. I can stream it live on their website. I can even pause it if I need to. I have done that in the past so I can eat dinner with my family and still not miss anything.

I am really tired so after the match I am going to go to bed. I'll just unpack tomorrow.

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