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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hollow Book #1

Pre-Script Note: I have had this book done for a few weeks now. And today I realized I haven't shared it yet. :)

I have wanted to hollow out a book for years. Seriously, I have a few books that I got for free from my high school library with that intention in mind. I have read some of them first. One of them is about Marie Antoinette and I actually really like that one. So it stays whole. But there are others that get to be gutted and turned into a hollow books.

I found a tutorial online that is hilarious. They have lots of pictures (it being a photo tutorial that would be expected) and after reading it I really wanted to finally make that book. So using Mod Podge instead of glue/water I started that hollow book the same day. Over the next several days of working a little bit here and there I finished my first one.

With this first book I just made one compartment since it is a smaller book. With the next book I will be making two compartments since it's a little bigger. I found this photo on Flickr and I thought it was an awesome idea to have two compartments. I don't know what I'm going to keep in these books or even where I want to put the book itself. lol. But I love this first one. I can't wait to make the second one. :)


Since my book used to be a library book it had that pocket that the old system used glued to the front jacket page. So to make my book look pretty I cut the pocket so it laid more flat and then simply glued the first page to the front cover. I did the same to the back so that it looks uniform. Plus I didn't really like the grey pages on the ends anyways. lol.

Before: Ugly grey pages and old check-out library pocket.
I got the idea for the bottom of the book from the same flickr photo as before. It uses little pieces of paper from the pages that I took out. But looking at that collection of pictures gives me some fun ideas for the second book. Like finishing with scrapbook paper. I liked the raw sides so all I did was glue those together but leave them as is.

The bottom of the book covered in book pages.
Right now I keep my flash drives and memory cards in the first book. I suppose I'll think of something for the second one after I make it.

My SD cards in the book. Isn't it pretty.
You can also the after effect of gluing that page to the front.


Some Tips and Extras for Making a Hallow Book
  • Use a sharp x-acto knife or even a box cutter. It makes cutting the pages easier.
  • Cut the corners crisply. It helps getting the pages out easier and keeps it looking crisp on the inside.
  • Mod Podge works wonderfully but I'm sure the glue/water concoction would work great. Just make sure it's not too watery so as not to warp the pages.
  • You can leave the pages plain after you cut them or decorate. You could use colored paper and line the inside. Or use bits of the pages you cut out. (Which is what I did.) Or even line the inside with fabric or felt.

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