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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Songs: Italia

by Chris Botti feat. Andrea Bocelli

E passione forte che mi fa soffrire per amore
Ogni volta che io mi allontano so
che noi ci apparteniamo ancora un po di piu.
La strada dove io bambino restero
Dentro a questi sogni di musica
Libero di vivere la vita che vorrei.

La mia musica e per te immenso amore mio
questa melodia nasce dentro me sempre piu
la nostalgia che ho di te amore e dolce terra mia.

... translation ...
It's strong passion that makes me suffer for love
Each time I go away I know
that we belong to each other a little more.
The way I'll always stay (be) a child
Inside these dreams about music
Free to live the life that I want.

My music is for you great love of mine
this song makes me feel more and more
the nostalgia I have for you beloved and sweet land (country) of mine.

* * * * *

I LOVE this song. Chris Botti is brillant and I love listening to him play his trumpet. Add David Foster on piano and Andrea Bocelli singing and it's an awesome song. This whole CD (of the same name) is gorgeous. I particularly love the last sing. Chris' version of 'Nessun Dorma' is awesome!

The video audio is really quiet but I can't find a better version of this video. So I'm adding a bland one that has better sound too.

PS - Sorry about the fuzzy noises in the last video. It's a weird thing. Maybe I'll remake that video too someday.

PPS - If you play both videos at the SAME time but watch the first video it works well. But I'm still remaking this video someday. lol.

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