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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today and Tennis Wishes

Today I didn't do much at all. I slept. I helped harvest our garden. Steven, Brian, and I watched 'Terminator Salvation' this afternoon. And this evening Brian and I watched 'Rudy'. I wished I could have watched tennis. I should have done my laundry. But I guess I'll have to make sure I do that tomorrow. I need to watch some tennis matches tomorrow. New York City got a lot of rain today so the US Open suspended all of today's matches until tomorrow. That is actually really good for Rafael Nadal. He had an unfortunate cramping incident on Sunday. With this extra day he should be all recovered and ready to play. But also with the shuffling of matches to fit two days worth of matches in Rafa and Roger Federer get to play on the same day. Yay for me! I get to watch my two favorite tennis players within hours of each other. I hope they both make it far. I love watching them play. I watched Roger's match last night. It was really quick but fun to watch. I love watching that man play. He is so fluid and awesome.

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