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Monday, September 26, 2011

First Day on the Job

Today was my first official day of working at my new job. I was really nervous this morning but once I got there I was okay. I tried not think about my nerves this morning. I rode the trax to work. It was nice. I got to read a book while travelling to work. And trax stopped right at the stadium so all I have to do is hop off and walk across the parking lot. lol. Today I worked from 2-6pm. I am answering phones right now. The questions were pretty easy to answer. There was only one guy, a Crimson Club member, who was getting frustrated with me and I him. So the other guy helped him. And he just ended up transferring him up to the Crimson Club people anyway. They know more about the club because they are the ones who handle all of that stuff. But yeah, the rest of the day was nice. I work again for a few hours on Wednesday and most of the day on Saturday. There is a football game on Saturday. The Utes play Washington State. It's our first PAC-12 home game. I was tired after work so I actually took a nap on the train coming home.

When I got home and ate some dinner and then headed off to FHE. It was a stake activity this week. They had a movie in the park. We watched 'Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark'. That's the best one I think. It was fun. We had a group of us sitting together. CJ, our cousin, found us too. He sat with us. There was a pretty random group sitting with us. Friends of friends and the such. It was great. Everyone was cheering and whooping at the good parts. It was really fun watching a movie with the whole stake. I hope they do that again. Next time I'm bringing more blankets. I did get a little cold at the end.

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