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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Being Sick Is Not Fun

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well at all. I woke up coughing in the morning because of a sore throat. And I was cold and tired all day. I also had various degrees of a headache too. It was not a very nice day. Near the end of church I was actually a little dizzy too. I ended up crashing and going to sleep around 9:30pm. I was so out of it. Today I woke up around 8:15am to go walking with Lauren and I still had a sore throat. I have been coughing randomly all day. But I have been trying to drink lots of water. (I did that yesterday too.) Today I didn't feel so lousy. I only had a sore throat. I wore a scarf pretty much the whole day to try and keep my neck warm. I always find that if my throat is sore like this, a warm neck helps it so I don't cough. But that's probably the singer in me warning against damaging anything too. I did it in high school. I still do it now. If it's still there tomorrow I'll definitely make some hot drink concoction and pray that this sore throat goes away soon. It hurts to eat anything because of the inflamed esophagus. lol.

Today I watched the men's final of the US Open. (See here.) It was so much fun! But I didn't get the outcome I wanted. But it was still a really great match and I wish them both nice recoveries.

I finished that match a little after Steven left for FHE and I had planned on borrowing a car and driving over myself. But Ammon actually came by to see if I wanted a ride. He watched the US Open too. But he didn't pause for dinner like I did. lol. But he came by because he saw Steven and Brian at FHE and not me. So he figured I was just finishing the match. And came to get me. It was very nice of him. And I thank him for thinking of me. :)

After FHE a few friends came back to our house and we watched 'G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra'. It's the second time I have seen it. I still think it is good. I LOVE Christopher Eccleston in this movie. He is evil and gets to wear dark suits. lol. And I just love his accent. It's so lovely. After the movie we had ice cream. It was yummy. (And was nice and cold for my throat.)

And now I'm coughing a lot over here. So time for water and bed. Maybe I'll suck on a peppermint for a bit.

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