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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Long Day

Today I worked all day. I brought my computer so I could watch some ‘Stargate SG-1’ if I get really bored. At around 3ish I did watch an episode. I also put ‘The Lion King’ CD and ‘Aida’ CD on my computer. When I get home I need get the album information. I think I’ll watch an episode of something I’ve been missing and then go to sleep early too. I work tomorrow from 1pm to 6pm. When I got to work today I checked to see if I got my paycheck and I did. I don’t do direct deposit so my check gets mails to my house. Work was pretty slow. In the morning we did finish up stuffing envelopes for next sports tickets. I was mostly on the phones. I think I got five or six calls all day. Most of them were asking about what time the Black-Out Game starts on Oct. 29. But since this week’s game is an away game it was pretty quiet. At 5pm I was so ready to go home. Near the end I was yawning a lot. I had no doubt I’d sleep on the train ride home, which I did.

I went shopping with Lauren yesterday. We went to the dollar store and D.I. We were looking for good costume ideas and stuff. I already know what I’m doing this year for Halloween. So I was just collecting pieces for it. I have the main stuff now. There are a few minor detail things that would be fun to have but not necessary. And I don’t want to say what I’m doing until later. I’ll have a post on my costume closer to Halloween. (Probably on Halloween.)

I really need to find Satine a new heat pad soon. I’ll start looking online again once I know I have some money to buy one. I have looked in stores for one but it is impossible to find a heating pad that does not have an automatic shut-off. Since it’s getting to be winter weather I need to find her one soon.

Tomorrow some friends and I are going to a corn maze. Since I missed the ward FHE where they went to a corn maze, I’m looking forward to going to this one. We are going to Lauren’s house afterward for hot chocolate.

On Friday I need to do my laundry. I haven’t washed my clothes from the trip yet and I’m running out of things to wear. lol. I also need to wash my blankets and such. They are about due for a cleaning. So Friday will be a long laundry day not just a couple of hours. But that’s okay. I don’t have any plans to go anywhere. I just have a walk in the morning with Lauren and I might take a nap some time that day. I have a feeling I’ll be tired from working and the corn maze.

Josh Groban was on ‘The Office’ recently and I haven’t seen it yet but I’m sure he did a great job. The whole episode is on his website, via Hulu. I need to watch that sometime. Probably on Friday while I’m home. I think it’s great that Josh gets to do theatre/acting roles. That’s what Josh was going to school for before he dropped out to pursue his singing full-time. He loves both.

We have been watching ‘Person of Interest’ and I really like it. It’s a really interesting show. I love Jim Caviezel as a lead character. He hasn’t done small screen roles before this very often. There are a few odd jobs here and there but this show is his first big lead. I love it! I think Jim is a great looking guy. He’s 43 but I would not have guessed that. I thought he was in his mid-30s still. It seems like Jim has been on my actor radar for a while but he has only been acting in movies/tv since 1991. So in reality I would only know him from a few movies. I could probably name all the ones I have seen and heard of that he is in. I do remember seeing some movies, like Déjà vu, that Jim is in where I wasn’t expecting to see him. (He is awesome in that movie btw.)

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