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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Family Vacation - Thursday

This morning I woke up around 7:30am (Vegas-time). I laid in bed for a while. My brothers and I watched a couple of hours of Spongebob. At 11am we checked out of our hotel and went to I-hop for brunch. I had some French toast with strawberries and bananas. We then went to Barnes and Noble to get ‘The Lion King’ CD for Mom and Dad. While we were there I got ‘Aida’. I have been thinking about getting this CD for a while. I really like the music. I read the synopsis of the musical and it’s so sweet. I have heard the music several times but that was the first time I actually read a synopsis. I really need to see this musical. I am pretty sure I’d love it.

We were on the road to Zion’s National Park at around 12:30pm (Vegas-time). On our way we listened to ‘Aida’. I really enjoyed it. lol.

We got to Springdale, where our hotel is, around 5:30pm. After we checked in we drove into Zion’s National Park and went on a hike. It was fun. It took about two hours in total. We went to the Lower and Upper Pools. We went to a pizza and noodle place for dinner. It was okay. I had pasta and it could have been hotter in temperature. But it was good.

We all went to bed around 10pm. I was really tired from walking around all day. I charged my camera battery overnight. It was telling me low battery when we were eating dinner. It’s a good thing I was already planning on charging the battery tonight.

And it is Brian’s 19th birthday today. We didn’t do anything special because we already celebrated it on Sunday.

First group of photos is us leaving Las Vegas and driving down the Strip.

Brian and Steven.

And the second group is us on our way to, and in, Zion's National Park.

Mom about to board the shuttle bus. We took this everywhere. It was really nice.

I love how Brian is the only person paying attention. lol.
Mom, Dad, Steven, and Brian.

Here's the shuttle map.

I like these signs. They are sort of funny.

Giant spider.

Giant spider.

That's Brian way over there on the other side. He was waving at me. lol.

So in this photo for some reason the flash reflected off of my hand. I think it's artsy. I like it.

Eating at the pizza and pasta place.

My pasta.

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