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Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Changes

I just sort of realized that I move around in the blogosphere a lot. I have three personal "website" blogs and several off-shoot blogs. I guess I like to be organized. lol. I originally left Blogger because I wanted to have a more personal look and feel to my blog. But paying for one didn't quite satisfy my want for free range on my blog. But with this new Blogger there are several features that help my blogs to be more customizable. I don't know if I'm just thinking more outside the blog, so to speak, or if there really are more features to Blogger. I have been thinking I want to link all of my blogs to this one so that this SSS blog is more central to my little blogosphere. So I started thinking about how I want to organize all that. I'm thinking about adding links to the sidebar. But I'm still thinking of how I want the overall blog to look. I'll figure it out in the next little while. I'll probably rearrange the Saturday Song page too. So a few changes are going to be made in the next few weeks, as I have time and think of it.

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